How To Turn Your Knowledge Into A Paycheck

Did you know that you can turn your knowledge  into a paycheck?






“The knowledge and experiences you have in your head is a very valuable thing, if packaged and sold the right way”…..says Jason Drohn


As humans, we want to learn, read, grow, consume and better ourselves from the world around us.


In today’s post you will find 4 ways that you can share the knowledge that you have in your head, (your experiences, realizations, and perspectives), into something that you can sell online and ultimately change the world with.


1.  An eBook

  • Ebooks are extremely easy to create:
  • Brainstorm or mindmap what will be included
  • Sit down at your computer
  • Open up Microsoft Word
  • Start writing
  • When you’re done, save the file as a PDF.
  • That PDF is your ebook
  • With the PDF, you can upload it to Kindle.
  • Sell it on your website or blog


2. A Video Course

  • The good part about video courses is that you can charge more money for them
  • Creating video is quite a bit more challenging.
  • Not only do you have to brainstorm and plan, you also have to be comfortable talking in front of a camera
  • Like eBooks, the process can be broken down like this:
  • Brainstorm or mindmap your video course material
  • Create PowerPoint slides that you can use in your videos, with notes
  • Record your screen with software like Camtasia or Screenflow, or record yourself with a digital camera or an iPhone.
  • Upload the videos to Wistia or Amazon S3


3. An Audio Course

  • Audio courses are great ways of getting your content out there in a way that you can charge for it
  • You still need to plan it out well, but after that it’s really just talking through the material that you want to present.
  • Here’s a blueprint for creating audio courses:
  • Brainstorm or mindmap your training
  • Write yourself up some notes that you can talk through
  • Download and install Audacity recording software
  • Open up Audacity and hit record


4.  A Membership Site

  • Your customers will be buying reports, videos, audio recordings, etc.
  • Here’s your blueprint for membership sites:
  • Plan out what kind of content you are going to be selling through your membership site
  • If it’s video, create video.  If it’s audio, create audio.  If it’s reports and ebooks, create reports and ebooks
  • Put your content in your membership site
  • Establish a schedule for when you’ll be adding new content (remember, it’s a membership site…  for people to keep paying, you have to keep adding content!)
  • Sell access to your membership site



So, what do YOU know how to do that other people would like to learn?



Think about what knowledge you have that you can monetize…. What are the most frequent questions you get asked? How do you plan on packaging your knowledge so that other people can buy it?




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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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0 thoughts on “How To Turn Your Knowledge Into A Paycheck

  1. All of these suggestions are great. I like how you laid each one out and made it simple to understand. You have given me some ideas I can implement into my business with this post. Thanks for sharing this Joan!

  2. Hi Joan,

    You’ve shared some great ways for people to put what they know into some type of course.

    I know that PDF’s are the easiest and although you might not be able to get as much money for them today as you did in the past it’s a great experience to have under your belt so that you can just keep improving things.

    I’ve created a course but it’s mostly the written word with audio versions. There really wasn’t any need for videos and just some type of presentation I didn’t think would really do it justice. It’s done really well though so I recommend everyone doing something like that.

    Membership sites are what a lot of people are diving into due to the recurring charges which is really nice. Of course you have to stay on top of always providing enough content but that’s just part of it right.

    Great information, thanks for sharing this.


    P.S. I’ve been forgetting to tell you but your Twitter icon to the left of your posts doesn’t have your Twitter ID in it. It’s still via @shareoholic. Thought you’d want to know.

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