How To Use Content Marketing To Turn Your Blog Readers Into Paying Customers

Using Content Marketing To Turn Your Blog Readers Into Paying Customers…..Here’s What You Need To Know






If you are are not converting your blog readers into paying customers you just might be doing content marketing all wrong.









Here’s how we usually think about content marketing:

  1. Create amazing content
  2. Promote content and watch readers share.
  3. Visitors experience said content and immediately buy something. Cha-Ching!


The goal of your blog shouldn’t be to convert customers – at least not right away – it should be to build advocates and when we position ourselves in this way, we take the pressure off our content.


“It’s the greatest misconception in content marketing – that people are going sign up for whatever it is that you are selling immediately after reading your content”…….says Garrett Moon,



The process of finding advocates is all about building trust.  Content marketing is a process of creating and sharing content with an audience that will build trust and gain customers over time.


Did you know that there is a 5 step process that you can use that will help you to turn your blog readers into paying customers and build that trust?


Garrett explains it like this:


Step 1:  Reader

  • The first phase of the process is the reader phase.
  • It basically means that a visitor has come to your site to read and consume the content that you have created.
  • At this point, they probably aren’t yet familiar with you or your brand, so it really is just the beginning of the process.
  • During this phase, readers are essentially cold leads, and probably don’t have enough trust in your brand to properly convert.


Step 2: Promoter

  • The second phase of the process is to get the reader to share your content.
  • Usually this happens via social media with a share, comment, or like.
  • When a reader has moved to this phase, they have a officially become a promoter of your content.
  • They will probably cycle between phase one and two several times before building enough recognition of your brand to move onto the next phase.
  • This is really a process of building trust with your readers.


Step 3: Subscriber

  • The third phase of the customer acquisition process falls into the role of a subscriber.
  • Here, a casual reader will become a devout consumer of your content.
  • The most common method for this is a subscription to your email marketing plan or RSS feed
  • Either way, this person has moved to the point where they not only recognize your name/brand, but they look forward to receiving and consuming your content as it becomes available.


Step 4: Advocate

  • As your subscriber receives your content over and over, they should slowly transition from a casual reader into a content advocate, frequently recommending your content via social media, and regularly participating in your comments section as new content is published.
  • The difference here between a subscriber and an advocate is usually the level of engagement that they have with your content.
  • This is an important step, and will only develop when you regularly focus on high-quality content with a purpose.


Step 5: Customer

  • After months of blogging, tons of emails, and probably a comment or two, your advocate may actually be ready to become a customer.
  • While they may have tried your product during an earlier phase, they have never been more prime to buy than now.
  • The beauty of this stage is that they have so much trust in your brand that the buying process should be much easier for them.



Content marketing is a great way to work through this process with customers that you don’t always get the opportunity to develop a one-on-one relationship with and it will lead to long-term sustainable growth all on its own.


At the end of the day……Creating great content and building trust is the real secret to turning blog readers into paying customers.


Way too often, we don’t like to give our content the time and resources that it takes to really become effective.  If you are like me, you want to see fast results and immediate feedback on our funnel, but this is the wrong approach.


To do it right, you have to give your content the time and resources that it really deserves and good content marketing takes time, it’s simple as that.


Rather than focusing on converting a customer right out of the gate, start focusing on high quality content, a great experience, and an opportunity to build trust. Watch your funnels over the long term, and sit back and relax as your blog becomes the biggest source of new business that you’ve ever had.



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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24 thoughts on “How To Use Content Marketing To Turn Your Blog Readers Into Paying Customers

  1. Excellent blog post Joan 🙂 Creating content for others to learn from on a consistent basis will turn your blog readers into paying customers. Thanks for sharing your awesome tips!

    • Awww thanks so much Funmi! Glad you are learning from my site and others 🙂 You are welcome, and thank you for visiting here, please do come back soon!

  2. That’s very true Joan.

    At first I hoped to make sales right out of the gate, but it’s so much more rewarding to build relationships with readers and follow their progress as they go from visitors to friends that you actually care about.


  3. This is excellent advice. I originally wanted to use my blog to bring in customers to my handbag business. However, this year, I have changed the focus completely. My blog focuses on the content not attempting to sell to those who read. I know at some junction customers will begin to purchase. For now, I can more content with the context of my blog than ever before.

  4. This is really important information. I tend to get impatient with my blog, but you’re completely right. It takes time to build trust and a relationship with readers. Thank you!

    • You are welcome Shann! Yes, it definately takes time to build that trust and in turn a great relationship 🙂 Blogging can be so trying but as long as you stay with it and are consistent it will pay off 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  5. Yes, building trust is so important. It is kind of like a relationship. The more I read certain people blogs, the more I like them, and the more I actually want to support them. Just like everything in life… it takes time. I have to constantly remind myself. Thanks for another great post.:)

    • Absolutely, it takes time to gain that trust! I would agree with you Irina, it is like a relationship, I feel the same way 🙂 Thanks for your awesome comments and feedback, always much appreciated!!

  6. Hi, Joan
    Great article!
    Many points are so right in here.
    It’s so much more rewarding to build relationships with readers that you actually care about.
    Thanks for sharing!
    -Stella Chiu

  7. Hey Joan,

    This five step process suits me just fine. My product goes live at the end of March and I have been wondering how I will feel if I don’t get thousands lined up at my blogging door step. Now I know that is ego saying you and your product are going places girlfriend. When I settle into a business frame of mind I am good with the process and the pace and the steps it must take.

    And you know the relief is that I want people to trust my brand. I want to build the rapport and connect. It feels right. I feel I’m in the stages of one to three and perfecting those. But do intend over the next eighteen months to be in stages four and five. One small step at a time. When I started blogging I promised myself that while part of my is so impatient, the knowledgable side was going to enjoy each step for exactly what it is. Thanks for a wonderful post Joan.

    • Hey Rachel,

      I am totally resonating with your comment, girl 🙂 I am FEELING the same way lol
      Thanks so much for your awesome comment and feedback! Always appreciate it when you stop by and visit 🙂

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