How To Write A “Things to Avoid” Article

Writing A “Things to Avoid” Article
















What You Need To Know To Write A “Things to Avoid” Article





It’s widely known that people will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure.



Approaching a topic by stating “do this” or “don’t do this” resembles a parent scolding a child.



Readers don’t like to be scolded.



However, they do like informative tips that are engaging and give them the choice to find what best suits them and their situation.




How do you write a “Things to Avoid” article without sounding negative?








Here are some tips from Ezine Articles to help you….






1.  Use your personal and professional experience to provide descriptive recommendations to help the reader understand why you are an authority on the topic.


 2.  Stay positive!


3.  This can be as simple as avoiding words with negative connotation, such as “but,” “don’t,” “however,” etc.


4.  Lead with the benefit (i.e., how your reader can gain pleasure, peace of mind, etc., by avoiding X, Y, and Z).




Now that you are armed with your evidence and a positive attitude, write a “Things to Avoid” article using the following template:




  • Pick the niche area you’re going to discuss.
  • Use a title with keywords related to that niche area.




  • Lead with a positive by describing (in 3-5 sentences) how the reader will benefit by avoiding a place, person, activity, trait, etc.




  • Briefly tell a related story about the thing you are advising people to avoid.
  • Sharing an experience will help you build trust and credibility.
  • You’ll become more believable if you have experienced something yourself.




  • List the things to avoid and/or steps on how to avoid them.




  • Remind readers of what to avoid and how to do it.
  • Keep the conclusion short, sweet, and to the point.






Remember…..Once you finish writing, look back and make sure you have delivered on any promise you made in your “Things to Avoid” article title.



If you say: Here are “10 Things Health-Conscious Shoppers Should Avoid at the Supermarket,” then ensure 10 items are numbered in the article body to avoid appearing misleading.






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