How To Write Appetizing Blog Posts

What Makes A Blog Post Appetizing?












What’s the magic?



What makes your readers devour your blog posts?



Here is author/blogger Henneke to explain…..



There’s just one essential rule you need to know to make your blog posts more appetizing to your readers:



The essential rule of writing appetizing blog posts:



“Each sentence should add value and encourage the reader to read on”. -Joe Sugarman



You need to be absolutely clear what your blog post’s message is.



To create appetizing blog posts, you need to ensure that each sentence, each word helps to explain your message.


Read each paragraph and wonder:

  • Does this help my reader understand the message?
  • Does he need to know this?
  • Is this relevant and to the point?



Use clear examples or tell stories to illustrate your points.



Involving the senses uses up more brain power of your reader….And that makes your blog post more powerful, engaging, and persuasive.



You don’t need to impress with your massive vocabulary, your eloquence, and long, undulating sentences.

  • Use simple language.
  • Stick to your story.
  • Be to the point.




The web doesn’t need more blog posts.



The web doesn’t need people who write for crawling robots.



The web needs bloggers who don’t waste precious pixels, who communicate their message across in a few tasty words, and who care about their readers.




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