How To Write Articles Or Posts That Are Relevant To Your Target Market

Writing Relevant Articles or Posts That Have Your Target Market  in Mind




Here is an audience-targeting strategy that may be relevant to you, if you are a network marketer.





Today, I am going to share with you some tips on an audience-targeting strategy….that you can start to implement today,  from The Ezine/Article Blog….ENJOY!




Let’s begin!



Understanding your audience is one of the key elements of success.

  • Not only will it encourage new audience participation, it will help you discover changing patterns in your niche.
  • It will also help you understand the current conditions that affect your audience’s participation now and later.
  • As a result, you will be able to write quality, informative content targeting your reader’s needs and wants.





Think about this…..




Who Are Your Current Readers?

  • Who are they and how invested are they in your niche?
  • The first step to audience development is recognizing why your readers are approaching you, your articles, and your platform.




Write Quality Articles That Are Relevant

  • Consider a scenario or topic relevant to your niche.
  • Find relevance by using the following four phases as a guide:
  • Introductory – No previous knowledge of the topic.
  • Intermediate  – Some knowledge the topic; however, perceptions of topic may be skewed.
  • Advanced – Knowledge of the topic and implemented principles of the topic.
  • Expert  – Firsthand, professional insights into the topic.




Bear in mind, people’s attitudes and situations change.




Get more out of your article writing efforts by first targeting and then growing your audience with quality, relevant articles using this audience-targeting strategy:  personas.





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