How To Write Compelling Copy

Writing Compelling Copy












Do You Know How To Write Compelling Copy?






Copywriting is one of the most essential elements of effective online marketing.




The art and science of direct-response copywriting involves strategically delivering words (whether written or spoken) that get people to take some form of action.






copywritingskills2Here are the basics of writing great compelling copy from Copyblogger…..







1.  The Most Important Copywriting Skill You Need To Know Is:


Writing Compelling Headlines

  • Most writing designed to persuade sinks or swims right out of the gate.
  • Whether the title of an article or the headline of a sales page, readers make snap decisions based on a quick scan of the top of the page.
  • Your headline is the first, and perhaps only, impression you make on a prospective reader.
  • Without a headline or post title that turns a browser into a reader, the rest of your words may as well not even exist.
  • A great compelling headline can also communicate a full message to its intended audience, and it absolutely must lure the reader into your body text.
  • A compelling headline must promise some kind of benefit or reward for the reader, in trade for the valuable time it takes to read more.




2.  What’s the primary purpose of your headline, your graphics, your fonts, and every other part of the content?

  • The simple, surprising answer is…To get the first sentence read.

  • Good copy is written in clear, concise, simple words that get your point across.
  • Keep it simple.




3.  Writing Persuasive Copy That Is Compelling To The Reader

  • Most importantly….Focus on the reader
  • Stay laser focused.
  • Always make sure to give “reasons why
  • You must be authoritative
  • Restate the hook and the promise that got readers engaged in the first place.
  • Be bold and firm when you present your offer.





One of the most repeated rules of compelling copy is to stress benefits, not features.



In other words, identify the underlying benefit that each feature of a product or service provides to the prospect, because that’s what will prompt the purchase.





4.  The #1 Secret to Writing Great Copy Is . . .

  • Using words that work with the people you’re trying to persuade.

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Study and draw inspiration from great copy that works.





But the most effective copywriters also remember that classic piece of wisdom from Grandma:






You have two ears and one mouth. Listen twice as much as you talk.






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Hi Joan,

    Short, direct copy works so well. Loving the tips here.

    Be disciplined. Make your point and exit stage left. Most struggling entrepreneurs add copy when the crowd should be removing copy. Say a lot with a little.

    I enjoy writing a good piece of copy. Makes me feel good because I can more effectively connect with my audience, which helps both parties benefit.

    Practice makes better. Write more blog posts, ebooks, newsletters and solo ads. Take the time to create persistently, test and you quickly see where you can improve and what copy seems to work the best.

    Thanks for sharing the insight Joan.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…4 Reasons Why You Actually Want to Fail Horrifically OnlineMy Profile

  2. Hey Joan,

    This is a great topic hear and the one that sticks out to me is the importance of having an attractive headline. If you’re headline is dull, boring and doesn’t relate to me then why would anyone want to read your blog.

    The trick here is to find out what you’re audience is looking for. Once that is done, you cater to them and watch the visitors roll in. Thanks for sharing!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Let’s Dispel the Rumors About Internet Marketing…My Profile

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