How You Can Be Unforgettable

How To Be Unforgettable



It’s not about how smart you are, or about the professionalism of your blog design.  

It’s not even about giving readers tips they can go out and apply immediately.




“It’s about the way you make those readers feel.” says Jon Morrow (

  • Great writing can affect people on a mass scale.
  • You can write a great post once, and thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people will be affected by it.
  • Do you realize how incredibly powerful that is?
  • It means you’re not just here to inform, entertain or persuade.




As writers, your job is to wake your readers up, so you will get that interaction.  Look at any piece of great writing, and you’ll notice it has a certain electricity to it.  It’s raw energy in printed form.


Where does that energy come from?


YOU……..The writer.


So how do you write with that kind of emotion?

  • Instead of sitting down and writing cold, imagine the emotion you want to create in your reader, and deliberately cultivate that emotion in yourself.
  • Cry, laugh, get so mad you nearly beat your keyboard to death.
  • Then let it loose.
  • Let it flow through you and into your words.
  • Your readers will feel it.
  • They’ll wake up.
  • It’ll make them feel alive…..And they’ll remember you forever.




It’s time to start taking your work seriously


When you sit down to write, don’t publish just another blog post.


Don’t give your readers just another tip.


Write with so much passion and energy and enthusiasm they can’t stay asleep. Because that’s what you have to do: bring them back to life and give them such a charge they feel like a different person.


They’ll write a comment, share your post with their friends and just may even subscribe to your blog. (which is why you do what you do….to inspire others)


So, when your time DOES come, you’ll know you made a difference


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27 Replies to “How You Can Be Unforgettable”

  1. Hi Joan!

    I love this blog post today! Mastering the art of infusing emotion into blog posts is the way to become unforgettable! Anyone can learn how to unlock their potential to write better content by investing in learning the necessary skills.
    Another key point is that when you write emotionally charged headlines, you get more shares in social media and more attention on that post.
    Creating emotional resonance in posts can affect how a person feels. When you can bring out those feelings in a person, you will become unforgettable!

    Thanks again.

    1. Hey Lisa!

      Thanks so much 🙂 Absolutely, writing more emotionally charged headlines will get you more shares on social media and tons more attention that is for sure!

      Glad you enjoyed and found value 🙂 Appreciate it

  2. Love the title…. how to become unforgettable…. great post Joan… be able to put emotion into my posts has always been a bit of a challenge for me… I’m a straight forward logic guy…. will have to work on more of that….thanks for sharing

  3. Love the ending how you talked on taking your writing seriously. I admit I can be lazy at that and focus more on video but giving my 100% to both video and writing is crucial. Way to help me play bigger!

  4. Hi Joan. I agree with Jon Morrow (another favorite blogger of mine 🙂 ).

    Looking at my Google Analytics, I’ve noticed that the posts that feature my furry friend Miss Coco as the mentor/muse do well in the long run but what has always surprised me is the off-beat blog posts that I do annually as part of my passion to raise awareness on social issues during Blog Action Day. Those posts still get hits 3 years later and I can only conclude that it is the passion for the cause that the reader feels.

    1. Hi Vatsala,
      Yes big fan of Jon Morrow as well! Thanks so much for your awesome feedback about your own posts 🙂 It is so great when our posts are STILL being seen!!

  5. I understand and feel the difference. I used to write creatively and for past 20 years participate with friends in a monthly writers group. But when I switched to blog writing, selecting content for my nice, researching, etc- I lost my writing joy. Hope to get ot back as this type of writing gets easier.

  6. This post really resonates with me as this is exactly how I write. My intention is always to draw people into the conversation and to include them as if they are part of it. It’s great to see more people are understanding that we have the possibility of impacting people more so now than ever through the way we write and how we make the reader feel. Love this one Joan as it speaks to me of the difference we can make in others through our words and writing.

  7. Being new to writing blog posts all I can say is there is a need to have a strong belief in what you write. Working in personal experiences helps to add a connection that readers can associate with.

  8. I love the title “How to be Unforgettable”. That definitely grabbed my attention. Thank you for sharing great tips Joan. I think it’s very important to write something with some emotion. I always like to hear stories, and more people are connecting if emotions are revealed. We are human, not a robot, so we can feel someone’s emotion, which I think make us unforgettable. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you Kaz! Yes you are absolutely right, we are human and not robots 🙂 Feeling empathy is so important if you want to be more relatable!!

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