How You Can Become An Instant Expert

How You Can Become An Instant Expert






Become An Instant Expert Today!




Instantly Become The Expert That You Know You Are







Are you one of those people that have a belief  that they don’t have the expertise like “others”  do, to attract high quality people?



There is a way to become an INSTANT EXPERT at anything you want… and do it FAST!










Simply study and educate yourself on everything that you know that will help you with your business… it sales,marketing, blogging, inspiration as well as great inspirational authors like Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy, etc.




Believe me, it will all start to “sink in”  and produce results for you.




You “will”  become and expert and authority in the eyes of others and they will think that you “really”  know this stuff, even if you do not see yourself as an expert…..they will.




All because you learned something, applied it to your business, and then taught it to others…







Think about it…..









The reality is, if you know more about a topic than other people, then you are an expert in that field.




Here’s A Brain Dead Simple Plan To Become An Expert…

  • Let me ask you this:  “Are there things you know about this business which others don’t?”

  • If you’ve been at it for awhile, I can guarantee you know more about marketing, internet and building a home business than most.

  • If you really want to become an expert at something, then here’s an original idea.

  • Go and buy some books on this topic.

  • And then… READ THEM!




If you just read the table of contents from 5 books, and skim through the main sections, you’ll know a hell of a lot more on this in a few hours than the rest of the population.




You must become serious about this, and than commit to spending an hour a day to mastering this topic.



Do it for 30 days, and you’ve got 30 hours of expertise.



Imagine if you do it for year… that’s 360 hours that you’d invest in becoming an expert…….at which point, not only would you have mastered this, but you’d know more about it than 99.99% of people.




The moment you start teaching others… is the moment you gain instant recognition as an expert.



Fortunately, you don’t need an overhead projector, a dry erase marker, and a room full of people to do this.




All you need is a blog, some inspiration, and one other thing that 99% of people seem to avoid







Seriously do it today, you’ll be amazed what happens when you actually do it.






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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6 Replies to “How You Can Become An Instant Expert”

  1. Joan,
    You are one of the best teachers out there keep up the good work lady 🙂

    Your post was great and it’s true many of us don’t give our self the credit we should.


  2. I agree with you 100%. If you don’t take action on the things that you desire, you’re just going to stay in one place spinning in circles. No one is perfect, but we (hopefully) learn by our mistakes. I’d rather trip and fall than get to one point in my life where I’m saying “I just wish I would have done things differently”.

    You write great blogs Joan. You have a talent. 🙂

  3. Hi Joan

    Interesting point – it’s easy to forget, while we’re surrounding ourselves by expert bloggers in PAC etc, that in the rest of the world there are still far too many websites with a tab labelled “Blog” – empty! No squeeze page, and presumably no list.

    Occasionally I have to remind myself that compared to some small businesses I have done that studying you recommend, and I AM already an expert 🙂 As are most PAC members.


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