How You Can Profit From Those That Say No

Here is how YOU can profit and learn how to turn those “no’s” into sales online through your email marketing campaigns from the master copywriter legend, Frank Kern




Do you know WHY most people say “no”?  Because they’re supposed to.  

Starting from childhood, we’re taught to be wary of people we don’t know…and to never make a fast decision when it comes to buying something.  So to expect your prospect to go against the very habits and beliefs that are ingrained in childhood is completely foolish.

So just knowing that most people aren’t going to buy at first, you need to offer them something valuable and free in exchange for their email address.

In this way, you can build a relationship based on trust and value FIRST….and THEN make the sale.

“Funnels” as you know them are worthless…..says Frank.  Most Internet Marketing “experts” will tell you to send traffic to a landing page, get a prospect to opt in, and then put them into a “funnel” designed to get the sale as quickly as possible.  And that “funnel” is usually a series of emails – sent by an autoresponder – with each one directing the prospect back to the sales page.

  • The reason this approach will fail you is because most people who opt in to any “funnel” simply will not buy initially.…no matter how persuasive your copy is.
  • “People aren’t supposed to buy at first. We’re taught not to do it. But this is exactly what the “funnel” as you know it attempts to do”…..says Frank.  It’s exclusively designed to focus on the tiny percentage of “outliers” who defy human nature and buy quickly.…And it ignores (and usually irritates) everyone else.




The real money is in the people who say “no”…..So, to get those people you need to do the following: 

  • Instead of building a “conversion funnel”…..Build multi-phased campaigns, all centered around “response indicators”  In every sales situation, there’s always an action or series of actions a prospect typically takes before he buys.  These actions are called  “response indicators”, and they are the key to your success.
  • Here’s how this applies to you. Let’s say you’re sending traffic to a page that advertises a free report in exchange for the prospect’s email. And let’s assume that in order for the prospect to trust you enough to buy,  he needs to read the very report he’s opted in for. The act of him reading your report is the “response indicator”



Did you know that over 50% of prospects never go and access the information they opt in for.  They’re basically saying “no” to the very thing they just requested from you. And this means your chances of making the sale are immediately cut in half  because, half of your prospects never made it through the first response indicator”.  

The way you cure this is by creating sequences in your campaigns who’s sole purpose is to simply move your prospect from one response indicator to the next …until he buys. 



And the way you do that is to…….Use Behavioral Dynamic Response 



Behavioral Dynamic Response is truly the “holy grail” of Internet Marketing. 

  • It works by tracking what your prospects are doing in your campaign, and then dynamically sending them customized marketing messages based on their behavior. 
  • Because in a situation where you’ve got prospects who have been through your campaign, read your messages, seen your videos, and still say “no” it’s almost always for one of these reasons:
  • Plain old fashioned laziness – Many of your prospects won’t buy because they didn’t feel like getting up, finding their wallet, digging out their credit card, and then typing in all that information.
  • Procrastination – They’re interested and they want the outcome, but they’re distracted by something and tell themselves they’ll get to it later.
  • The need for more information – They’re almost ready to buy but they just need some extra push. They’ve got a question, or a concern, or might just need a little more time to make a decision.


These Are The People Who Will Make You The Most Money.

Think about that for a minute……

These are the people you want to focus the majority of your efforts on.  And the way you turn them into customers online is to……

Use Multiple Conversion Points. (A conversion point is any point in your campaign where you ask for the order). This can be your sales letter, your webinar, your sales video…..etc.

Most campaigns have only one conversion point. This WORKS, because Behavioral Dynamic Response is being used to filter out who the most interested prospects are…and then putting the most energy towards them.



Here’s the bottom line.…..The fortune really IS in the follow up…..Just not in the way you’re used to. 


You can’t bludgeon people with pitches and offers and expect it to work. But if you have a truly dynamic campaign that tracks user behavior and responds accordingly..…you can see your $$sales$$ grow like nothing before.



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  1. Good stuff Joan! There are way more people that will say no to your business and being able to still help them is awesome. You always have great content. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. A lot of people make a lot of money from people that say NO.. It can be for a variety of reasons.. but if you have enough of a relationship with people then they best look at your offer.. If you make them .. the people.. opt in first then you have their details from the very beginning.. and you can start to build a relationship with them..which in turn improves sales.


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