How You Can Profit With Content Marketing

Profiting With Content Marketing






How To Be Creative In Your Content Marketing




Creative Ways You Can Profit In Your Content Marketing




Today, I would like to share just a few tips with you on what I have learned from Sonia Simone from CopyBlogger, on how you can profit from your content marketing….Enjoy the value, friends!





The whole idea behind content marketing is that you can use your creativity and know-how to make something cool, then take that cool thing and use it to market a product.








Here are just some content marketing tactics you can start using right away……




1. “Content” isn’t just about being online.

  • The same techniques that make your online content marketing work will do beautifully offline.





2. Create a free course delivered by email autoresponder

  • A great way to build trust and rapport.




3. Write an educational series of blog posts designed to attract traffic for a competitive keyword phrase.






4. Put together one or more Squidoo lenses to attract and focus Google traffic.






5. Build a Facebook page (separate from your personal profile) that gives you another platform for interaction with your customers.





6.  Use Twitter

  • Twitter is an exceptional tool for building relationships with prospects and customers.

  • To use Twitter most effectively, make your tweets entertaining, funny, and/or personal.

  • The right balance on Twitter is generally 95% relationship-building, 5% selling.





7.  Use any content vehicle to talk about how you’ve overcome a difficult problem related to your topic.


  • Instead, be a smart, real person who has solved problems that your readers will find relevant.





8.  Your comments on other people’s blogs are content.

  • Treat them that way.

  • Be original, relevant and interesting.




9.  Use your own content to sing the praises of others in your topic.

  • Partnerships, both formal and informal, can exponentially multiply your success in the content world.




10.  You don’t have to call it a blog just because you created it in WordPress.

  • Maybe it’s an Online Coffee Shop, a Web-Based Self-Coaching Site, a Virtual Concierge, a Tutorial, an E-School, a Directory or a Dictionary.

  • Use a label that resonates with your readers.





To come up with your own ideas, combine your most generous self with your most creative self.





Think about how to create content that makes your customers’ lives better, and dream up exciting new ways to get that content in front of them.





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