Do You Include These Relationship Builders In Your Content?

Do You Include These Relationship Builders In Your Content?










You Must Include These Relationship Builders In Your Content






No relationship, no market, right?






We need to have some kind of connection with folks before they’ll pull out their wallets.






Do you agree?









Here are five strategic ways you can think about building the kinds of relationships that lead to sales, as well as to retweets, recommendations, and referrals for the great stuff you sell.







1. Generosity

  • We human beings are rather simple at heart.
  • If you do nice things for us, we tend to like you more.
  • If your reader can put your advice into practice and get a great result, you’ve given her a delicious “free sample.”
  • It greatly increases the chances that she’s going to want more, now that she’s experienced for herself how good it is.
  • The millionaire’s secret




2. Relatability


  • One of the most powerful marketing messages you can send is “I’m a lot like you.” 
  • The more you can get your reader to relate to you, to feel like he’s basically like you, the better chance you have of communicating, “Hey, if it worked for me, it will totally work for you.”





3. Liking

  • There are two primary ways to get attention.
  • You can do tons of great stuff for people, make yourself useful, be incredibly nice and friendly, and maybe crack a joke from time to time.
  • You can make a belligerent, loud, annoying pain in the ass of yourself.
  • They both work — if your goal is to get attention.
  • Some people have a gift for drawing attention to themselves by being spectacular jackasses.
  • It tends not to work too well (commercially, anyway) if you’re just an ass.





4. Frequency

  • If you’re building relationships by providing valuable content, the best way to do it is to keep it slow and steady.
  • Create a steady, predictable rhythm with your content, whether it’s your blog, your email newsletter, your podcast, whatever.
  • Keep giving that high-quality free content, delivering those results in advance, and letting everyone know you’re a good egg.
  • A nice, predictable frequency also demonstrates that you’re reliable.





5. Authority

  • Bloggers are often excellent at letting their audiences know they care, that they’re good people, that they share the same problems as their readers.
  • Sometimes they’re not so good at actually demonstrating that they know what they’re talking about.
  • I hope it goes without saying that bashing other bloggers for the sake of getting attention is a “success limiting maneuver.”
  • Constructive, legitimate criticism is fine.
  • But being a professional hater is just lame.
  • It can work (a little) in the short-term, because negativity attracts attention.
  • But bashing someone just to have someone to bash turns you into a jerk and a whiner.
  • Anyway, there are too many nasty people on the web — it doesn’t actually make you stand out.





Try this:


Take a look at the content you’re producing (email, blog, twitter, Facebook, special report, whatever) and see how many of these relationship builders you can include.

Which of these do you think you’re strongest at?





Do more of it — build on that strength.







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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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0 Replies to “Do You Include These Relationship Builders In Your Content?”

  1. It’s all about the relationships – building a Tribe as Seth Godin would call it. I love that you’ve put generosity at the top too.

  2. Joan: Again you nail it. Not just what, but how to. Now I can’t get that Disney Tune out of my head – “ooh, ooh, ooh, I wanna be like you,oo,oo, I wanna walk like you, talk like you, ooo, oo, oo”. It’s from Jungle Book I think.

    Anyway, there’s an important message in there about being true, but, most importantly, in my opinion, being true to ourselves, not phony copies of someone else. Keep you light shining. prp

  3. Hey Joan,

    This is a great post. People but from people and even more so those that they have some emotional link to. It is so much better when you have a relationship with people on your list and in your communities.

    Thanks for sharing,


  4. Thanks, Joan, for the good info. I would say that I have some authority in my field but sometimes I may stumble with my info being relatable to people. I do most of my promotion on google+ and I am interested in engaging people from all over the world. I know that mental health info is very culturally varied so sometimes I can learn a lot from others in different countries. Thanks for stimulating my thought process!

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