How To Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page









Anyone can create a Facebook page for their business, and dream about engaging millions of fans on their new page.





But, not everyone can engage their customers and establish real relationships with their audience.





How do you actually establish relationships and actively interact with your audience – and your customers – on Facebook? 







Here are five tips from  Alex Espenson  , a marketing writer obsessed with making people better at social media marketing/guest blog post Firepole Marketingyou can use to strengthen and build customer engagement on your Facebook page.






Tip#1: Don’t Blatantly Advertise – Offer Great Content Instead

  • Let’s get something straight: Social media is no place for advertisements, at least not in the traditional sense.
  • No one is going to be interested if your status update says “Buy (your service or product) here.”
  • In fact, many potential customers will lose interest in your business the moment they think that you’re trying to sell them something.
  • Instead, build your Facebook engagement by focusing on providing valuable, useful, or entertaining content in the form of images, memes, how-to’s, links to blog posts, interactives, infographics, etc.
  • Simply ask yourself what the your audience wants, and then try to fill that need.
  • Bottom line: If you can provide great content, then your customers will be interested enough to seek you out; you won’t have to go looking for them.



Tip#2: Post Engaging Content Consistently

  • When it comes to customer engagement over social media, there is no finish line.
  • At no point can you sit back and say, “Done!”
  • Every amazing piece of content that you post is only a precursor to the next amazing piece of content, which is (hopefully) already in the works.
  • Facebook posts are temporary things, and within a few days (or even hours), they will have gotten buried under newer posts.
  • They’ll no longer appear on the newsfeed, so you need to post frequently, and you need to be timely and relevant with those posts.



Tip#3: Create Shareable Content

  • The end goal of your Facebook engagement campaign isn’t for you to reach your customer with your unique content; the goal is for your customers to reach each other with your unique content by sharing and reposting it.
  • When this begins to happen exponentially – which is to say that every new person who sees your content shares it several more times – then your post has gone “viral.”
  • A piece of viral content is the holy grail of content marketing: it provides maximum exposure at a minimum of effort.
  • If you really want your readers to share your article or post, make sharing effortless for them.  
  • Include social sharing buttons along with your content, and customize your sharing buttons for your audience.
  • This way, your customer’s ability to share your content will only be a click away.




Tip#4: Respond to Customer Comments, Both Positive and Negative

  • When customers come to you with their problems, it puts you in a unique position to solve those problems and to retain the offended customer.
  • At the same time, responding to comments and creating a conversation is a great way to establish a strong customer relationship, and will also lead to valuable product feedback.
  • Make sure to always keep your interactions respectful and appropriate.
  • More than one business has seen its reputation crumble after engaging in an online flame war with an angry customer.



Tip#5: Host Awesome Contests and Giveaways

  • People are generally willing to put in a surprising amount of effort in order to get free stuff.
  • Use this knowledge to your advantage, and offer contests and sweepstakes through your Facebook page.
  • The simplest way to go about doing this is to offer a prize, and have the entry requirement be nothing more than a like and a share.
  • Consider posting an image and holding a caption contest, or asking for the best personal experiences from customers who’ve used your product or service.







When it comes down to it, having a Facebook page is not enough to reach your customers. 






You can build a Facebook audience that interacts with your brand, but you’ve got to go one step further than just existing on Facebook.






Give your audience a reason to engage with you and your brand by creating shareable content with your customers in mind, responding to your customers’ questions, concerns, or reviews, and hosting giveaways to engage your customers.






Ready, Set, Engage!







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