How To Increase Engagement With Integrated Marketing

3 Ways To Increase Engagement With Integrated Marketing








Marketing delivers better results when your channels and platforms work together.



Especially this is true online, where customers choose when and how to engage with you, often in multiple channels.



Certain channel combinations can dramatically increase your reach and effectiveness.






Here Are 3 Ways You Can Increase Engagement With Integrated Marketing from PR Web






1.  Email and Social Media

  • Include items in your email blasts that are easily shareable – videos, checklists, fun facts, quick tips – and then embed social sharing links in the email itself.
  • This makes it convenient for readers to share your content and also encourages engagement.



2.  Email and Landing Pages

  • No email campaign should launch without at least one customized, targeted landing page to engage readers who click through.
  • Marketing software makes it easy to create engaging landing pages with: lead forms, coupons, and more.
  • These pages are easy to replicate with different messages for different email segments, and will also track your new leads as they enter your marketing funnel



3.  Press Releases and Social Media

  • Press releases introduce new and buzz-worthy stories to journalists, influencers and customers
  • Make it easy for readers to ask questions and chime in by promoting a hashtag within the press release, then engaging with customers who use the hashtag on Twitter.
  • As well as educate your target audience, you’ll increase brand visibility with every tweet and response.





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  1. Hello Joan Thanks for the invite to your blog! You have done a great job here and your article here is filled with great information. I actually didn’t know we could use hash-tags in our press releases Interesting Indeed. Thanks for sharing Chery :))

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