How To Increase Profits with Your Facebook Page

11 Ways To Increase Profits with Your Facebook Page









To increase profits on your Facebook Page and social media, you first have to be LIKEABLE.





Know this that only through being likeable that people will come to trust you – and it is this trust that will ultimately put you top of mind when someone is ready to buy your product or service.






Here are Kim Garst’s 11 ways to win friends, become ‘like-worthy’, and ultimately increase your profits on your Facebook page.




1. Actually respond to comments and questions.

  • “It is not enough to simply “set it and forget it” when it comes to social media” says Kim
  • Posting great content will only get you so far.
  • Be sure to read and respond to your fans’ ‘Posts to Page’, as well as to the comments they leave in response to your posts.


2. ‘Like’ your fans’ posts.

  • As your Page grows, you will likely be unable to respond to each and every post and comment.
  • However ‘liking’ your fans’ comments only takes a second, and shows you are actually paying attention to what they have to say.


3. Post consistently.

  • To be trustworthy, you need to be consistent.
  • This means posting to your Page regularly, as well as consistently responding to comments and questions


4. Don’t be a negative nelly.

  • Occasionally there will be times when posting sad or negative sentiments are appropriate or even necessary.
  • But consistently posting with a negative tone will just bring everyone down.
  • This is a great way to get your fans clicking on the ‘unlike’ button!


5. Know your audience.

  • Ask yourself this:  What type of content does my audience actually like?  What struggles, needs or pain points could I be addressing?
  • Bringing your focus back onto your audience is one of the best ways to increase your likeability quotient.


 6. Use visuals.

  • If you want to get your engagement levels up, using visuals is the way to go.
  • Images are not only great for increasing your reach and visibility, but for connecting on a very real level with your fans (this is particularly true for inspirational or motivational images).


7. Avoid over-promotion.

  • When you constantly promote yourself, your products or your services, you very quickly lose the respect and patience of your audience.
  • In order to turn fans into friends, instead focus on providing valuable content, and building trust that will ultimately lead to sales.


8. Get personal.

  • It’s pretty hard to be likeable when you never share anything about yourself.
  • People want to know there’s a real person behind your posts, so don’t be afraid to share personal stories, thoughts or opinions from time to time!


9. Be a customer service superstar.

  • Your customers are more likely than ever to post customer service questions and queries to your social media accounts, and 42% expect a response with 1 hour.
  • Have a plan in place for responding promptly and efficiently to questions and concerns, or risk losing the trust of your fans.


10. Delight your fans.

  • How do you delight your fans?
  • By over delivering whenever possible.
  • Give stuff away, provide tons of free content, give away coupons, and acknowledge your most active fans.


11. Be authentic.

  • It is easy to spot a fake on social media.
  • Being authentic means being transparent, conveying your passion, listening to your audience and participating in THEIR conversations (as opposed to just trying to make them participate in YOURS).
  • Here are Kim’s  12 more ways to having authentic conversations on social media!






People get to know you, and come to rely on you as a source of valuable information when you follow Kim’s 11 strategies, you not only win trust, you win friends.





And this is what ultimately leads to long-term, profitable relationships.








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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington





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  1. I have trouble figuring out, how much and often need to promote there business. No one want to be a pest.
    Right now I’m trying to promotion on my blog. A give away and using snail mail to send out a free ornament to.
    I think #2 is good and it keeps communication open, which I need to do.

    Coffee is on

  2. Hey Joan! These are great tips as I’m starting to grow my FB like page now! So excited to apply this as I get more of a following. Bookmarking this page 🙂

  3. Hello Joan, thanks for the tips on Facebook! I find that I am struggling a bit with getting it to work for me the way I need it to. I feel like I am getting a lot of click farms to like my page–and I am not even paying for them… I definitively need to work on a social media strategy like the tips that you suggest.

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