How To Increase Prospect Engagement on Twitter

Increasing Prospect Engagement on Twitter








Are marketers unable to unlock the full potential of Twitter?




Twitter isn’t about following just anyone and only posting content when you feel that it’s necessary.



It’s all about being able to reach and attracting your existing follower base organically.



It’s all about context and timing.



On a high speed, fast paced social network like Twitter, posting once or twice a day isn’t going to work.








To increase your volume on Twitter and keep your audience actively engaged, follow these 4 tips from Carolyn Edgecomb, Impact Branding and Design.




1.  Effectively Using Hashtags

  • Before you schedule your next tweet, you may want to ask yourself if you’re effectively and accurately using hashtags in your tweets to reach your target audience?
  • Stick to three or four hashtags per tweet that are relevant to your industry or the services your company provides.



2. Two Way Engagement

Here are three best practices to ensure that your actively engaging with your audience.

  • Add a period in front of the persons Twitter handle so only that person can see your tweet
  • Stick to shorter tweets. 
  • Don’t wait till the end of your tweet to add a link. 
  • Consider placing your link a quarter of the way into your tweet, you might be surprised by the number of retweets and favorites you’ll get.
  • It’s all about grabbing their attention as quickly as possible.



3. Twitter Lists

  • Another under utilized key feature.
  • It’s actually a great way for companies to segment and track their audience.
  • You also have the ability to make your lists public or private.

Twitter lists can include:

  • HubSpot Partners
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Industry Thought Leaders



4. Promoted Posts

  • Are you wasting your time posting on a social network?
  • You might be if you’re not reaching the right audience.
  • Through promoted posts you now have the ability to target users based on their interests, keywords, location, device and platform, and gender as well as someone’s followers.
  • The reach of your posts is almost endless.
  • Giving you the ability to target and engage with users based on their specific needs
  • In order for you to effectively reach your audience you need to tailor your content and tweets to match their needs and wants.





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