How To Increase Your Site Conversions

Increase Your Site Conversions by Utilizing Video Marketing









Increase Your Site Conversions





Why are videos so much more memorable and beneficial than text?





“With the tools and technologies available today it’s never been easier to create professional videos…..says Andrew Page, founder of Video Rascal, (a DIY animation tool where Marketers, Small Businesses and Students create professional animated videos.) 





Knowing how to create videos is only half the battle.





You also need to know which types of videos to create. 








Here are 4 types of videos by Andrew Page, guest writer, Firepole Marketing, that you can leverage to increase visitor time on site, improve engagement levels and ultimately increase leads and sales





1.  Explainer Videos

  • Animated explainer videos are 1-2 minute videos that explain a product or service.
  • When done correctly, they can significantly increase your conversion rates.
  •  How do you go about creating an explainer video?
  • There are a number of creative agencies that solely create explainer videos.
  • If you have the budget (usually $3,000+), this is definitely the route to take.
  •  Switch Video is an agency that has a very good reputation.
  • If you don’t have that high of a budget, you can go on Fiverr where there are a number of explainer video gigs of varying quality.




2.  Educational Videos

  • Educational videos are videos that speak to a topic that your audience would be interested in learning about. 
  • When executed correctly, educational videos provide real value to the viewer which in turn helps increase the credibility of your business.
  • Creating an educational video 
  • Video series using educational videos are the easiest to make
  • Don’t over complicate the process.
  • Take a few minutes today and think about what your audience would be interested in learning about and how it will help you better connect with them.




3.  Screencasts

  • If you have a web based service or application, you need to be leveraging the power of screencasts.
  • They allow you to explain a product and its features in a way that may be easier for your audience to digest compared to the written word.
  • There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a screencast.
  • It’s important to plan your video and roughly script yourself before filming.
  • Screencasts can be added to your product page, support page, blog or included in your customer on-boarding process.
  • Sending new customers a product tutorial can greatly decrease customer abandonment and increase email click-through rates.
  • Visitors to your product pages probably aren’t customers yet and they don’t need to see every product feature.
  • Provide enough to peak their interest but not too much  – you don’t want to bore them or encourage them to leave the page.
  • Screencasts are typically easier and cheaper to create compared to other types of web videos.
  • All you need is a decent USB microphone and some basic software.
  • Camtasia and Screenr are two very easy to use screen capture solutions.
  • Camtasia offers a free trial and Screenr has a free plan.




4.  Video Testimonials

  • Testimonials help reduce friction and lend credibility to your company.
  • By showcasing the experiences that past customers have had with your product or service, they draw potential clients into your story and encourage them to spend more time on discovering you on your website.
  • Testimonial videos that engage the audience have a common thread.
  • The videos that grab your attention are the ones that tell a story and don’t just pitch a product.
  • The customer starts off by describing the problem they faced and how it was solved.
  • Finally, they describe their results.
  • The hope is that the viewer has an aha moment and says to themselves, ‘I experience that same problem.’
  • If this happens, you’ve hooked them!
  • There’s nothing more powerful than a satisfied customer going on camera, engaging your audience and selling your product for you.





How to get started with video marketing

  • Think about how other sites are using video effectively and how you can apply what they do to your business.
  • First, think about what type of videos your prospects and customers would be interested in watching.
  • Second, think about your overall objectives.
  • Is your main goal to increase sales?
  • Maybe your goal right now is to better engage and communicate with your audience?






Once you’ve defined your objective it becomes much easier to determine the type of video to create and how it should be shared with your audience.









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  1. Great tips on creating video. They do capture more attention and lead to better credibility.
    You covered the 4 basics very well. I would also recommend Jing as a screen capture and screenflow. It allows for 5 minute video and can be use effectively.

    Huge fan of Mark Hoverson.

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