How To Influence Your Readers

5 Ways  To Influence Your Readers
So You Can Make More Sales


This Post Is Really About YOU,  more specifically, it’s about you learning how to influence more people by creating content that’s easy to consume.  After all, if they don’t actually read what you’re putting out there, how can they learn about all the benefits you have to offer?


Here are Frank Kern’s 5 Ways  To Influence Your Readers So You Can Make More Sales



1.  First, make sure everything is about …THE READER!

  • Listen, as much as we want them to be fascinated by us, our story, and our “stuff”, the fact is they don’t care about that.   They care about THEMSELVES so everything you write needs to always “tie in” to how it can help THEM.


2.  Even more important than “THEM” is their RESULTS.

  • If I made it all about YOU and how YOU need to write good articles, you might read some of it …but you’d ultimately leave because you know that already.   But you’re still here and you’re still here for one reason: We’re talking about the RESULTS YOU WANT.   In this case, we’re talking about how to influence people with content.  Doing that leads to SALES, and sales lead to MONEY…..And that’s probably why you’re here, right?



3.  Use the magic words ,“so you can”.

  • Everybody’s going to tell you that when it comes to talking about your products, you need to make it all about features and benefits.  Don’t listen to them.  If you want to actually sell, you need to explain how the benefit directly relates to the results your readers want to get.  The “so you can” language pattern is perfect for this.
  • Here’s an example.
  • Let’s say you’re selling a course on copywriting, and you’re including a swipe file.
  • We’ll appeal to two of the prospect’s desired results:
  • Better response and easier copywriting:
  • “This makes it easy for you spot the power words and sales phrases so you can quickly plant them in any of your promos for a quick test to boost response. <–RESULT DRIVEN BENEFIT
  • And this makes the whole process of writing your own ads just that much easier.
  • Each ad in the swipe file contains a complete analysis of how it was used, and what made it work you can easily and almost instantly sort through the archives and, find the ad that’s closest to your specific marketing situation, and create high-converting ads of your own in a fraction of the time.” <–RESULT DRIVEN BENEFIT


4.  Address skepticism head on.

  • Most people try to gloss over this.
  • That’s a surefire way to decrease response and obliterate trust because it’s like trying to ignore a giant elephant in the room.
  • You both know it’s there and if you pretend it’s invisible, you look like a moron.
  • The best approach is the “you might be wondering” language pattern.
  • It works like this:
  • First, you identify the main area of skepticism.
  • In this example, let’s say you’re selling a course on list-building  …and the prospect’s main area of skepticism is that he thinks it will be too hard from a “tech” perspective.
  • The next step is to address this objection by framing it as a question he might be having.
  • Like this:
  • “You might be wondering how you’re going to survive the brutal paces of having to figure out complicated internet software.”
  • Now it’s time to answer that question using the classic “Feel, Felt, Found Pattern.”
  • That looks like this:
  • “I know exactly how you feel.
  • In fact, I felt the same way when I started!
  • And up until recently, there really was a brutal learning curve.
  • In fact, it was worse than most people realize!
  • But a few months ago, I found a simple way to get my systems built that’s 100% tech-free.


5.  Tell them what to do next.

  • Everything you write or publish should have a desired end result that benefits you and the reader.
  • It could be to make a sale.
  • It could be to get an opt-in.
  • Or maybe you just want them to leave a comment, “like” something on social media, or refer a friend.
  • Whatever it is, you need to explicitly tell them to do it, and why.
  • For example:
  • There’s A Sneaky “Hidden Reason” I Wrote This For You.
  • The primary reason was to show you how easy it can be to create content that’s engaging and profitable.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to crank out really solid articles, reports, facebook posts, etc…..all designed to genuinely help your reader while simultaneously creating goodwill, building your personal brand, and making you sales.

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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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0 Replies to “How To Influence Your Readers”

  1. Sometimes ti’s a little hard for me to extrapolate informational content to my product but I did get your points. I do try to sell in my blog posts and used to think all I had to do was show my product. You may be wondering what I’m doing differently. I know how it must feel when you see a necklace , like it but unsure what to wear it with. So, I show you, I give you visual ideas how you can coordinate an outfit with a new product we just listed.
    In fact, you might be planning a tropical vacation soon and could get benefit by looking at our examples and reading our latest blog, Winter Getaway- What Jewelry to Pack.

    PS. How did I do Joan?

  2. Out of all of these points the one which resonated the most with me was: address skepticism straight on. This was one idea I have never really thought about when it comes to my own marketing, and writing for my blog. Thanks for the insight, Joan!

  3. I love the Feel, Felt, Found technique. I used it quite often when I worked in sales, and hadn’t thought to apply it to copywriting as well. ‘So you can’ is a good one too, which can also be phrased as ‘which means you can’.

  4. Very timely post for me right now, Joan, as I am developing a “Work With Me” page for my website. It is great to hear that the focus is on the other person, the reader, the future client, rather than on you and who you are. Gave me some food for thought and hopefully I can stay on track and create something that draws people in to attract the perfect people who can benefit from my listening and writing skills. Very easy to understand and hopefully with some thought, easy to implement too!

  5. Hey Joan!

    Great logical progression. I like the suggestion of ‘so you can’ vs ‘because you can’ to use in its place.

    Sometime, though, just having the right graphic or video can do wonders. I remember years ago when I worked for a pet shop. All I had to do was get the right puppy in their arms to hold, and the puppy did the rest! 😉

  6. Great tips! I love the one about using “so you can” to help connect benefits directly to the results intended. This article is a really good resource for business owners and entrepreneurs. Great job!

  7. These are really good tips Joan that I’m gonna use. Oh and I gotta say, easy to read since it was bulleted. 😉 When I see a post that looks too long, not enough white space – I tend to lose interest and skim instead of read.

  8. Hi Joan, Another great post. Thank you for these reminders; I always forget about the “hooks” and the emotional appealing we have to do when we are looking for sales, sign ups, etc. It’s true, very often, I have felt exactly as my prospect is feeling and my solution is what I found that worked for me; I just have to re-write some phrases. Thank you!

  9. These are such great tips Joan! I really like the focus on helping THEM get through something, get results, or whatever the goal is for the post. I call it having a mind of service – then it can be easier to capture this perspective when writing. These are also great reminders! I need to be better at calls to action. Thanks for the nudge! 🙂

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