Why Introverts Rock The Social Media Industry

Are You An Introvert That Wants To Learn How To Rock Social Media?










Social media is currently one of the hottest areas for job seekers……..especially network marketers.




You know you are passionate about social media, and you love the real time excitement and the fizz it provides.



You also know that you have the talent and knowledge, and you want to make a career in it.




Many people are under the misconception that working in a social media role requires you to possess the personality traits of extroverts, who are in general outgoing, social and aggressive.







“At the end of the day, being successful in social media requires focus, discipline, good written communication skills and being able to convey a genuine image of yourself, that is convincing, warm and sincere”…….says Zoey Smith, Firepole Marketing






You may find that unlike the common perceptions of extroverts,  you being the introvert, actually possess better attributes, which in fact makes you more likely to succeed.




Did you know that nearly 40% of the world’s population consists of introverts.




So,  it is essential that if you are an introvert, you have the confidence to be yourself, use your qualities to the utmost extent, and take up positions in social media confidently





Intuitive Introverts Make Great Connections

  • Social media success emphasizes QUALITY relationships rather than the QUANTITY of connections you have.
  • Whether you have realized it or not, introverts like you talk less and listen more, and are gifted with naturally intuitive abilities to seize up a person, and understand their verbal and non-verbal body language .
  • This is because.your focus is almost always on the other person.
  • You tend to be astute observers, and you can attune yourself to the person with whom you’re speaking.
  • This trait is also of great use on social media, where you reflect the same attitudes in your conversations with different people.
  • You will end up building strong, meaningful engagement and relationships, which are the heart of social media marketing.
  • This will give you the added edge!



If this sounds like you, you will find it comparatively easier to fit on social media and you will enjoy the challenges offered by it.

  • Your own quiet nature will help you in developing one to one relationships with those whom you engage with on social media.
  • People often tend to trust you, as you are quiet, focused and serious. Introverts also tend to be very good listeners and this is a very important skill set required for social media engagement.
  • You may have a good understanding of human behavior.
  • Many prominent business leaders are introverts.
  • These include those involved in top-notch positions in social media marketing field.
  • They are able to fine-tune their highly reflective internal life with the advantages of social networking – an advantage which extroverts may lack.
  • All you need to do is to emphasize your natural strengths, polish up on areas which may need more work such as communication and interpersonal skills, and engage in social networking strategies which are centered around your own style of working.



You will not find any other field in marketing which is as well suited for YOUR personality as social media.

  • If you are already an active user of Facebook or Twitter, you know how very easy it is to express your full selves on social media.
  • If you have not yet tried it out, do so today.
  • You’ll find that many introverts transform into extroverts online and back into introverts offline.
  • This ability to switch between both sides can help you to balance the demanding aspects of social media communication as well as personal management offline.
  • What will give you encouragement is that the usual barriers (which you may encounter in real life situations), such as shyness, awkwardness, stranger anxiety as well as hesitations in starting up or ending conversations are no longer existent on the social media platform.
  • You won’t be debilitated by these and you will be able to be yourself.






As an introvert, you can be as effective, if not more so, than extroverts in handling social media responsibilities, as many of your introvert qualities (good listening, building real relationships, being interested in human behaviorist) are the exact skills required in such  a role.








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