How To Keep Your Readers Hooked

4 tips that will help you keep your readers hooked and make your website more engaging


While a steady stream of website traffic is healthy, it’s important that you’re presenting visitors with a website that not only meets, but exceeds their needs.


Essentially, you want to be sure that the information you want them to consume (the information they need to convert) is clear, fast, engaging and visually appealing.


Is your website or blog living up to your reader’s expectations?


In this post I share 4 tips from Carly Stec, Content Marketing Manager, IMPACT  that will help you get your readers hooked and engaged right from the start.


1.  Simplify content

  • To simplify pages , consider implementing clear, concise bullet point, adding more spaces between blocks of text, or quite simply, cutting the copy in half.


2.  Add links

  • While you want your website copy to be easily digestible, you also want it to be highly informative.
  • Aware that conveying a lot of value in just a few sentences can feel like trying to fit two mismatched puzzle pieces together, linking to clarifying content aims to make it easier.


3.  Suggest next steps

  • While an abundance of calls-to-action will surely help you keep visitors clicking around but at the end of the day, the more educated your leads are, the more sales-ready they’ll be.


4.  Add a chat feature

  • Imagine how much “stickier” your website would be if your visitors had an opportunity to talk to a real human in real-time.
  • Enabling a chat feature will allow you to do just that.
  • With a chat feature in place, your business has the ability to answer your visitor’s questions as they make their way through your site.


If you want to keep visitors engaged and start converting them into sales Carly suggests that you should check out these live chat tools:



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0 Replies to “How To Keep Your Readers Hooked”

  1. Hey Joan, i like all your suggestions to keep readers hooked – but the chat feature. I certainly would not want to have a live chat on my blog. I promote the “building a business while having a life” but with a chat feature I’d have to be at my computer, on my blog all the time – not to mention the time difference I have from Europe and getting more traffic from the USA…

  2. Hi Joan,

    You have raised great points here. Content has to be simple and easy for people to pick something up and learn from it so they may put it into action for themselves if they wish.

    Adding links is another great way to keep attention. Our blogs have to be easy for our readers to navigate and also have an easy CTA.


  3. Great tips as always Joan. I always enjoy engaging with readers, though I will confess I generally only take time to respond to comments that actually contribute to the conversation. The funny thing is more often than not my dedicated subscribers email me with their questions, comments and stories rather than leaving them on the blog. I can’t say I really mind that though because I like knowing they feel they can connect with me personally. Thanks for the advice and inspiration!

    1. Thank you Marquita 🙂 So glad you enjoyed and found value in this post…..I try to comment back to each and EVERY one of my reader’s comments as best I can as I love to see who is relating and resonating with my posts and how often they come by and comment and I love to thank them as well….but I do totally understand your thoughts on commenting 🙂

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