Your Keys To Success With Online Marketing

Copywriting & Conversion: Your Keys to Success








When you have an online business, you have to get to know at least the basics of copywriting.




Copy – the writing that sells your product and services – is the foundation of good conversions, which are the number of people who actually buy.




There are standard best practices that work.




All you have to do is learn them.





 copywritingskills2Copywriting is the foundation of conversions as well as these other elements that go into it as well:


  • Landing pages

  • Calls to action

  • Follow up

  • Auto-responders

  • All of these help improve your conversion rate, or the number of people who go from one step of the sales process to another.




“Each individual element, from your copy to the look of your landing page, can be optimized over time to make sure you get the best possible results from your marketing efforts”…… shared from Firepole Marketing




Look at this entire process as a chain:

  • Someone is a stranger, and they read some of your copy, and then take an action based upon it. This turns them from a stranger into a lead.
  • A lead, perhaps now subscribed to your email list, shows more interest in what you’re doing – by responding to more copy, so they become a prospect.
  • A prospect is someone quite likely to buy when you make an offer – maybe in an email or on a landing page – and you guessed it: that’s more copy!
  • After your prospect buys, they are a customer, and the goal then is to get them to buy again and again, repeatedly over the course of your professional relationship.




Copywriting and conversions are two vital skills in your business building toolkit and Firepole Marketing highly recommend you read a few of their best articles about the topics so you can get inspired, get practicing and start optimizing for greater success……




How To Be Persuasive? Advanced Tips from a 4 Year Old and a Girl Scout

  • You can try all the little ninja persuasion tricks that the “gurus” are selling, but I guarantee you using this 4 year old’s lessons will out-pull those sneaky persuasion tricks any day of the week

  • Showing genuine enthusiasm, building a connection, getting someone to imagine using your product or service, asking the right questions, getting the answers and using that info to your advantage.

  • This all benefits you and your customers.

  • A Win/Win.


The Art of Pulling the Trigger: Upselling Done Right

  • Upselling is a technique of selling another products right after a client has bought your main product. And by “right after” I mean a second after (i.e. immediately). – from the post What Exactly is an Upsell (and Upselling) – feel free to check it out to find out more.



How to Sell More in 5 Steps: The Essential Guide to Marketing

  1. Concentrate on problems.

  2. Use your prospects’ language.

  3. You must fascinate your listeners.



Communicate with Customers to Make Them See the Value of What You Offer

  • Does it seem like people don’t understand why they should buy what you offer?

  • Or even join your email list?

  • There are two reasons you might have trouble getting through.

  • And you can solve both issues with the same solution…

  • You need to help people see what they really can get from you by building a “bridge” from what they want to what you offer – and you do that by communicating with them.






When you know what are the best reasons people have for taking the action you want them to take, you can focus your marketing on those reasons.





You should also make your website and landing pages focus on getting those reasons across as quickly and clearly as possible.





When you do that, you’ll see a significant difference in your conversion rates and overall success.








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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Love this – and so true! There are so many websites out there with shocking copy; the owners presumably sitting there wondering why they can’t sell their fantastic product!
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