Killer Blog Success Tips You Need To Know

18 Ultimate Blog Success Tips









18 Killer Blog Success Tips – What You HAVE To Know To Finally Have Success Blogging







Blog success tips that you can implement and benefit from right away.









1.  Read

  • The more you read the better writer you will be.
  • Being a blog reader helps you understand the mind of the blog reader.
  • What they want, how they like information to be presented, what turns you off.


2.  Be interesting

  • Readers want to find fresh, valuable, entertaining remarkable information.
  • Make an effort to deliver more than just facts.
  • Make it about them, not you.


3.  Get your point across

  • Style, grammar, spelling all count for nothing if your audience doesn’t get your meaning.
  • It’s incredibly easy to be misunderstood.
  • What people think you are putting out is never exactly what you intend.


4.  Deliver the goods

  • Being valuable is more important than following any rules


5.  Be consistent

  • You are only as good as your last post


6.  Prioritize quality over quantity

  • Keep a list of ideas and draft posts for the days when the muse isn’t firing.
  • Don’t pressure yourself to post when the ideas just won’t come.
  • Your audience will wait a day or so if the wait is worth it.



7.  Hold on to passion

  • Keep the fires burning, don’t let your subject turn into a chore.


8.  Share your experience

  • When you learn something new, tell your readers about it.
  • Case studies are excellent content.


9.  Be unique

  • If you are the same as everyone else, why would anyone visit your blog?


10.  Look good

  • Appearances count, both in terms of your blog design and your posts.
  • Make your content zing!


11.  Make a great first impression

  • Take a good, long, hard look at your blog.
  • What is it saying?
  • Do new visitors know what your blog is about in under 10 seconds?
  • Can they navigate easily?


12.  Build your reputation

  • Know what you stand for and deliver it consistently


13.  Write compelling headlines

  • Get attention, promise a benefit, provoke interest


14.  Comment and answer comments

  • Nurture your audience, make them know they are valued.
  • Comment on other blogs.


15.  Give stuff away

  • You get what you give.


16.  Stumble

  • Train yourself to discover, recognize and share brilliant content.
  • What you can identify you can imagine, what you can imagine you can create.


17.  Rebel

  • Break the rules, go against the flow, zig when others tell you to zag, do your own thing your own way.


18.  Enjoy

  • Keep doing what you do until it stops being fun.
  • When it is no longer fun, bring the fun back.







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