Do You Know What Your Audience Really Wants?

What Does Your Audience Really Want?









How To Know What Your Audience Really Wants




If you think that because your website looks great that people will want to visit it … think again.



Your audience and potential customers know who they are and probably have a very good idea of their goals.



Your audience is looking for answers to questions, advice, and resources that help people like them get the stuff people like them want.



When someone seeks out and clicks on your content it is only as a means to that end.



You must remember that your audience are people with their own wants, needs, biases, motivations, and attention spans.



You have surprisingly little influence on their behavior.







Here are 3 tips on how to know what your audience really needs, by Chris Garrett




1.  Research

  • Do as much research as you can to determine who your existing audience is – their wants, needs, desires, biases and habits.
  • Work out who you WANT as your audience – who can you most help, who do you want to help?
  • Drill down the research – What groups do they identify with?
  • How do they describe their tribe?
  • What are they looking for and WHY?
  • Where do these people want to go?
  • Determine what you have to offer that intersects with what they want


2.  Get visible

  • Put your content and ideas in front of these people in as large quantities as you can – public speaking, guest posting, forum posting.
  • What do your readers like the most?
  • Your existing audience will tell you via stats, shares in social media, page views.



3.  Engage

  • You need to engage the audience you are attracting to see if they are growing to be a closer fit to who you want and if you are serving them.
  • Dig down under the surface to find out the deeper issues and desires.
  • Find real flesh and blood human beings and talk to them.
  • On the phone/skype, in forums, in social media, Google+ hangouts, twitter chats





The main thing is to remember it is impossible to fail.

You might find out some of your experiments did not give you the results you hoped for but that is a very different thing from failure because at least you will have learned something valuable without betting everything on the outcome!





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