How To Know If Blogging Is Right For You

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Is Blogging Right For You As A Business?








Do you have the basic qualities and characteristics to be happy as a blogger?




If you can answer “YES” to this list of 9 questions from , Rosalind Gardner, ( Super affiliate, blogger, and speaker) you definately have the basic qualities and characteristics to be happy as a blogger.








1.  Do you enjoy communicating with people?

  • To foster relationships and increase readership, the most successful bloggers also respond to their blog readers’ comments as well as engage people on Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn and other social media sites.



2.  Do you have a topic that interests you enough to talk about on an ongoing basis?

  • The best blogs are created around a central theme or ‘niche
  • Articles posted are always relevant to the central theme.



3.  Do you prefer to write, speak or make videos?

  • Blogs attract search engine traffic primarily through written text, so if you plan to share your messages via podcast or video recordings; online transcription services will be very helpful to you.



4.  Do you enjoy learning new skills?

  • Is the thought of learning how to install a WordPress blog and different themes (or appearances) intimidating for you?
  • You can always hire someone to setup your blog.



5.  Are you a self-starter?

  • You need to be self-motivated and self-disciplined to start a blog and keep working on it until it is successful – or hire people to do some of the work for you.



6.  Do you have time to invest in your blogging business?

  • Until your blog is well-established with loads of great content and a regular readership, you should plan to post to your blog daily.
  • In addition to creating content (articles, videos) for your site, much of your time will be spent moderating and responding to readers’ comments



7.  Can you handle criticism?

  • Although most of your regular readers will tell you how much they enjoy your articles, not everyone on the planet will agree with you — and at times they might even get nasty… which can actually be a good thing.



8.  Are you patient and persistent?

  • Are willing to keep working at your blog even when it seems like no one is paying attention?
  • Persistence and perseverance are perhaps the most important characteristics of successful bloggers and entrepreneurs.
  • Those who can work hard through tough times are those who invariably succeed.



9.  Do you have a sense of humor?

  • There could well be times when things break or you’ve just made a total fool of yourself.
  • “Stuff happens”.
  • Your ability to laugh at yourself and keep going will shine through your work and people will love you – and your blog – that much more.







Blogging could be the right activity to help you improve those qualities and learn new skills — as well as make some money in the process!













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Joan Harrington

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0 Replies to “How To Know If Blogging Is Right For You”

  1. Well, I guess I have all the right traits to be a blogger. I love blogging, actually. It combines both business and pleasure for me. It’s important to like what you do and feel comfortable doing it. Thanks!

  2. 5 is huge Joan!

    Few are ready for the self-starter bit. I was not. After years I developed an independent streak and aggressively got after it on the blogging front. It is oh so key to be a self starter in this blogging game.

    Thanks for sharing!


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