How To Learn To Be Successful Online

Here is your step by step guide to Learn How To Be Successful Online








There is an immeasurable amount of information literally at your fingertips.




You can learn anything online.




This is Why You Don’t Take Action on Your Ideas or Desires

  • “I’m too busy.”
  • “Yeah, but my situation is different.”
  • “I don’t know where to start.”
  • The real reason behind all of those excuses is that it’s scary and overwhelming
  • It’s much easier to cover up with an excuse than to figure it out on your own.





What if there is another option?





Instead of feeling lost or on your own, what if you had a guide?




Imagine how empowered you would feel with a simple step by step process for finding, integrating and applying new information.





I believe that learning is a skill and a mindset that anyone can have.





The more comfortable you are with self-learning, the more your learning curve grows exponentially with each new skill.





Step 1. Explore

  • Let’s say you have been trying to find a way to make money online but with so many scams online, you have no clue where to start.

  • First, what is your mindset?

  • What are you already telling yourself?

  • Instead, try to keep a fresh, open mind and continually ask yourself,“What can I learn from this?”

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  • Saturate yourself with inspiration and information.

  • Ask and explore.

  • Let go of your preconceptions and just soak it all in.

  • You are gathering information.

  • Be curious on purpose.

  • Visualize yourself teaching a topic you are passionate about to a group of interactive listeners.

  • Feel the buzzing excitement of bringing people together and sharing YOUR value.

  • Explore within yourself the experience you desire to have.




Step 2. Research

  • Bring deductive reasoning back in.

  • Begin to weigh your findings and compare the best resources.

  • Did your exploring bring up further questions?

  • Do you feel like there are still some missing pieces?

  • Maybe you are just having trouble putting it all together.

  • Now is the time to reach out to your circle – friends, family, and beyond.

  • Who do you know that is an expert?

  • Or at least, who knows more than you do?

  • Don’t be afraid to not know.

  • Ask questions – lots of questions – and listen.

  • Even if you think you know what to do, someone who has been through it will have meaningful insights.




Step 3. Trust

  • This is where most of us get stuck.

  • We begin to doubt ourselves and the excuses take over.

  • “What if I do it wrong?” “What if I fail?” “What if I succeed?”

  • This is where it’s easy to feel paralyzed or frozen.

  • Instead, stand up and take a deep breath.

  • Feel your feet on the ground.

  • This literally shifts your physical state, which allows you to shift your mental state.

  • Trust that you know more than you think you know.




Step 4.  Just Start

  • Go ahead.

  • Implement all that you’ve learned

  • Done is better than perfect.

  • In fact, there is no perfect.

  • Just choices.

  • Start small, easy, simple.

  • Growth is a never-ending process, so jump in!

  • Transform.

  • Clarify.

  • Reflect on the experience.





Celebrate what you’ve accomplished!




This is huge.




You have done something courageous that a lot of other people are too afraid to attempt.





Appreciate yourself and soak it in!






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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