How To Leverage LinkedIn to Market Like Massive Businesses

How You Can Leverage LinkedIn Even If You Are A Small Business








Marketing takes hard, persistent, consistent work.





You have to select a couple key “strategic goals”  , like the ones found below, to focus on where you can achieve a number of your business objectives simultaneously…

  • Name Recognition

  • If you’re really executing on LinkedIn, you’ll be…

  • Connected to thousands of prospects.

  • Appearing in thousands of search results every week.

  • Posting valuable content in relevant groups.

  • Posting regular status updates.

  • Featured in daily email digests from your group.

  • Generate leads form qualified prospects

  • All of those people you’re connected to will see your status updates and other activities.

  • Over time, you’ll be the one they think of when they’re in the market for your services.

  • Build Your List

  • You know that building your email list is extremely important.

  • An effective call to action will convert LinkedIn profile views to new email subscribers.

  • Your LinkedIn group can also be a tremendously powerful “list.”

  •  Establish Authority in Your Space

  • Consider how most people interact on LinkedIn.

  • The vast majority are consumers.

  • You’re a producer.

  • They’re taking in messages.

  • You’re giving them.

  • Be consistent and persistent with your efforts, and your prospects will look to you as the leader.






The only platform that was found to achieve all of these goals is LinkedIn.





“There are 3 key activities within LinkedIn, that will deliver the goods, simultaneously positioning your business for consulting opportunities and building your small list into something more sustainable to enable more passive income”…..says Josh Turner (@GatewayCFO) the founder of LinkedSelling





1.  Connecting With a Ton of Prospects Directly on LinkedIn

  • These connections form a very valuable list for a number of reasons:

  • Prospecting opportunities.

  • Partnerships and joint ventures.

  • Pitching an info product, when the time is right.

  • Finding clients.

  • LinkedIn allows you to view profiles of users that are within two degrees of you, or are in a shared group.

  • Thus, if you aren’t connected to many people, you will rarely come up in the search results!

  • When a prospect is looking for somebody that does what you do, you’ll be at a serious disadvantage.




2.  Optimizing Your Profile So Qualified Prospects Find And Engage With You.

  • More and more, people are searching for service providers, consultants, new hires, designers and the like using LinkedIn’s people search.

  • The profiles that appear at the top of the LinkedIn results are those that are properly optimized for the right keywords.

  • Here are a few areas within your profile that definitely make a difference.

  • Focus on getting your keywords in these sections, and you’ll be well on your way:

  • Headline

  • Position Titles

  • Skills & Expertise

  • Education

  • Interests

  • With a properly optimized profile, targeted to meaningful keywords, you’ll begin to appear in thousands of search results every week on LinkedIn.

  • If you have a powerful call to action in your summary, you will begin converting these profile views into real business leads.



3.  Building Your Own LinkedIn Group

  • Building your own LinkedIn group is what will really broaden your marketing reach exponentially.

  • LinkedIn groups are lists, communities, networking opportunities, and platforms.

  • When you are the owner of the group, you control the message.

  • You control the membership.

  • You control everything.

  • If you do it the right way, and create a thriving community of your business prospects, it will position your business in a way that is hardly achievable with other online methods.

  • Don’t abuse your privileges, or people will start to tune you and your group out.

  • But if done tactfully, the group can be used as a marketing tool to get your message directly into the inboxes of every member on a daily or weekly basis.

  • Stay active, and your name will show up in every email activity digest that LinkedIn sends out on your behalf.

  • And when the time is right, you can utilize the Announcements function to deliver a custom message straight to the inbox of every member.

  • This is how you go from struggling to generate ANY leads, to bringing in so many that you can pick the good ones.





LinkedIn campaigns run by very small businesses can be more engaging and grow faster than sponsored groups and expensive LinkedIn campaigns run by some of the largest companies in the world.





The playing field is ridiculously level, and you can take advantage of it if you’re willing to put in the time.





This is how you develop the kind of momentum that, traditionally, only big businesses with huge marketing budgets could manage.








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Joan Harrington

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0 Replies to “How To Leverage LinkedIn to Market Like Massive Businesses”

  1. I’ve never really used LinkedIn much for my business – mainly because I’m only blogging and selling books on Amazon about love and relationships so I don’t think it’s the main place where my customers gather. It’s on my list to look at some day though.

  2. LinkedIn is the largest professional network. With more than 300 million members utilizing groups and searching for referrals and resources. Optimizing your profile is of utmost importance so that, when someone searches for a professional like you (but doesn’t know your name or company) your profile will appear. There are 6 key places to put keyword phrases and to do so where it makes sense (i.e. this is not about “stuffing” your profile) – your professional headline, your summary, current experience, past experience, skills & endorsements, website links (yes, there is a way to put keywords in here vs. “personal website” or “company website”).
    Then, it’s important you get INVOLVED on LinkedIn. Just like joining a trade organization, it’s not enough to put your profile up and then hope others find you. Join in the discussions, engage and BUILD relationships.

  3. I have not been too active on LinkedIn (in my professional life, not my blogging life, which are totally unrelated). Obviously, though, there are people who find it a perfect match for their activities, and this post will be most helpful to them.

  4. In November life changed for me. As a business to business company I wasn’t seeing much work from the platform I was using. Once I started interacting with other business owners in Linkedin groups this started to change.

    It still takes time to build trust as it does anyplace you promote your business. Networking with other members is the key that gets the ball rolling. If people aren’t seeing your face and name they will soon forget you. GIVE VALUE don’t push your business or Linkedin won’t work for you.

    You have to give value or people won’t pay attention to you. If you push your business you will push people from you.

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