Would You Like To Know How To Triple Your Email Opt-in Rate?

6 Steps To Tripling Your Email Opt-in Rate




In this post, you will find the exact 6 Steps, as explained by Neil Patel, that you will need to learn IF you want to triple your email opt-in rate


People are overwhelmed by the amount of content coming at them. And everyone creating that content wants their email addresses.


The most successful marketers today create lead magnets that are a step above everyone else’s.  It does take some skill and knowledge to learn how to create a good lead magnet.


So, if you want to create not just a good lead magnet, but one that is a step above everyone else’s then you need to pay attention to the following 6 steps, so you can start to triple your email opt-in rate with your next email.


Step #1: Research always comes first

  • One of the hardest parts of being a good marketer is understanding your audience.
  • The point of this research is to discover what your audience finds most valuable.
  • And there’s an easy way to see what that stuff is: look at what they buy.
  • A great lead magnet should be of such quality that people would actually pay for it.
  • (To check out the 3 sources to do your research, that Neil recommends click here.)


Step #2: Most readers will tell you, just ask them

  • One amazing source of lead magnet ideas are the people who are already on your email list.
  • They already like your content and obviously feel that you have something valuable to offer them.
  • When you send them your next post, ask them if there’s any way you could improve it for them.
  • Don’t publish the post publicly yet, wait for any feedback.
  • Your best readers will reply with some great ideas for a lead magnet.
  • You can create one quickly and then offer it within the post once you publish it publicly.



Step #3: Don’t be afraid to listen

  • Another great source of high value lead magnet ideas is your comments section—specifically from readers who haven’t yet signed up for your email list.
  • They clearly read your content—and like it enough to comment—and probably even have your blog bookmarked.
  • Readers will often tell you the things they are most curious about in the comments section.


Step #4: One way to skyrocket your opt-in rate

  • In order to get someone to subscribe to your email list, you need to offer them something they want in exchange.
  • And in order to generate interest in a lead magnet, your reader needs to be interested in the topic you’re writing about in your blog post.
  • So, what would happen if you focused on writing about topics on your blog that your audience was most interested in?
  • It would attract more shares, traffic, and eyeballs to your lead magnet.
  • This will, of course, lead to more email subscribers.
  • How do you find out what they’re most interested in?
  • Simple. Go to Google Analytics (or whatever analytics software you’re using), and look at the data based on pages.
  • To do this, navigate to “Behavior > Site Content > All pages” using the left menu and look at your top 10-30 posts
  • You’ll notice that one or two categories get way more views on average than all the rest.
  • If you simply focus more attention on those categories, not only will you grow your email list but you’ll also grow your overall site traffic.



Step #5: If you want high opt-in rates, you need…

  •  High quality lead magnets.
  • Your new subscriber should be shocked that you aren’t charging for it.
  • 2 examples are:
  • Make a high quality PDF version of a guide: If you post really lengthy guides and tutorials, it’s tough for readers to get through the whole thing at once.
  • Many bloggers offer a copy of the post in a PDF format in exchange for the reader’s email.
  • This is a solid option for a lead magnet for 2 reasons:
  • First, anyone who subscribes because of it is probably going to use it. They’ll download it and read it at work, on their commute, or somewhere they have a bit of free time.
  • Secondly, it’s really easy for you to make.
  • If you’re not creating lead magnets because you simply don’t have the time to make them, you can create a PDF version of a post in just a few minutes.
  • If you’re really pressed for time, you can use a tool called Print Friendly.
  • Make a high quality checklist:
  • Checklists are a great way of breaking down a process into concrete steps that your audience can follow with ease.
  • They are best used when you’re outlining a particular strategy or technique to your readers.


Step #6: Understand the two biggest factors behind opt-in rates

  • If you really want to achieve great opt-in rates (like bloggers who get 10-20% rates), you’ll need to truly understand why people opt in to your list.
  • And it all comes down to two important factors:
  • Factor #1 – Relevance
  • By making lead magnets for each post (or each topic) you write about, you dial up the relevance of the offer.
  • Factor #2 – Value
  • The more valuable your reader thinks your bonus is (before they even see it), the higher your opt-in rate will be.



Lead magnets are a very powerful tool to collect information about your readers. You can then use that information (mainly the email address) to build a relationship with readers that will eventually turn some of them into customers. You need to understand what lead magnets your readers would want to sign up for and then create those lead magnets.



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