Have You Lost Your Mojo? Feel Like Giving Up? You Are Not Alone….

If You Feel Like Giving Up…You Are NOT Alone!




Lost your mojo and feel like giving up?


Feeling frustrated, disappointed, and flat.


You keep reading about people who have made and it only adds salt to the wound.


Now the voices of the naysayers have grown even louder in your head……


I know how you feel 🙂 So many times I have felt like giving up on myself, my dreams and my goals….all I know is that you must NEVER GIVE UP.


In today’s post, I share 7 tips from author and business psychologist and leadership coach   on helping you to stay motivated and gain the momentum that you need to stay on track right now so you can get your mojo back so you will NEVER WANT TO EVER GIVE UP AGAIN!



1. Keep the Dream Alive

  • Keep your vision of what’s possible very close to you and remind yourself every day why you started
  • Display an image, picture, person, symbol, or phrase that anchors you back to this.
  • Make a habit of revisiting your “big why.”  (the big picture and rationale that drove you to pursue your dream in the first place)?
  • Keep fueling your dream through your intentions and actions every day.
  • Each morning, when you wake up, ask yourself, “What are the three things I am going to do today to get me closer to my dream?”
  • Share it with trusted others who are also passionate about their dreams and are on a similar journey.


2. Develop Persistence and Grit

  • To achieve your goals, you need to be focused, put in the work, keep learning and refine the actions we take.
  • You can develop persistence and grit by:
  • Seeing the path as a learning journey
  • Focusing on and enjoying the process and not just the outcome
  • Keeping a diary/journal on the project so when you look back you can see how far you have come already
  • Having people with whom you can share your frustrations as well as your mini-successes
  • Taking a short break and then returning to the project
  • Stretching yourself, doing things just outside your comfort zone


3. Aim for Your Best Creation

  • We do our best work when there is a confluence of our strengths, passion, interests, and values.
  • Check that what you are doing is something that plays to your strengths and what you care about, as this will give you the most momentum and satisfaction.
  • Sometimes in the pursuit of our end goal, we can forget, minimize, or override the pleasure of doing what is intrinsically enjoyable.
  • Positive psychology principles such as savoring these moments and having a sense of gratitude help increase our levels of happiness and well-being.
  • Stoke these fires and nourish and feed that which is truly meaningful for you.
  • You could do this by revisiting your top three to five values and ensuring that your project is in alignment with these.
  • The significance of doing work that in alignment with your core values is PRICELESS!


4. Get Feedback

  • If you’re feeling stuck or experiencing slow momentum, it might be time to get external input and feedback.
  • Reaching out to experts in the field, peers, coaches, or mentors can help provide the extra flush of new ideas that energize you again.
  • It can also ensure that you’re doing the right things and not just doing things right.
  • Sometimes all you need is some course-correction.
  • It can be a good idea to frame the feedback by asking:
  • “What is good about this project?”
  • “What could I do better?”
  • “What am I missing?”
  • Framed this way, you are less likely to perceive the feedback as “negative” and more as useful information to course correct, adapt, or pivot!


5. Learning Framework

  • Frame your current challenge as a learning experience and something that you haven’t mastered-YET!
  • Notice what’s working and what isn’t and refine, adjust, or get outside help accordingly.
  • See the progress you are making every day, week, or month as you learn from any mistakes.
  • You can focus on these three things:
  • What went well?
  • What didn’t go so well and what can we learn from this?
  • What next actions can I take to get better results?


6. Manage Your Expectations

  • Anytime we take a big step in our lives, all the monster and gremlin voices from our family and cultural conditioning which have plagued us in the past, will come flooding back!
  • Get to know what your “trip-up monster voice” is likely to say so when you do hear it, you won’t be taken by surprise.
  • Instead, you can identify this for what it is and then carry on.
  • Don’t try to bury the voices, because that can make them stronger.
  • Instead, acknowledge it, then move on.
  • Say, “Okay, noted. I’m going to do this anyway!”


7. Have Fun and Take Time Out

  • There’s not much point to doing anything especially pursuing your dreams and vision if it isn’t fun!
  • Taking a break from your project, doing something completely different, even mindless, can leave you feeling refreshed and recharged with the extra bonus of added insights!
  • How can you find ways to make your project more fun?



So if you see slow or poor results, do not despair……


See it as useful information indicating where you need to adjust, course-correct, or pivot.


We have seen time and time again that achieving anything worthwhile takes persistence, effort, and time.




Have faith and believe in yourself….YOU TOTALLY GOT THIS!!  🙂



If you enjoyed this post and found TONS OF VALUE, please take a moment and share and comment…..Thank you 🙂


Sharing IS Caring!


To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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63 thoughts on “Have You Lost Your Mojo? Feel Like Giving Up? You Are Not Alone….

  1. susanmarymalone says:

    Great post, Joan! These are all such inspiring tools. That ‘big why’ works for me. Through long dark nights and overworked days, that why keeps me going. Love this!

  2. Hi Joan, Great post. Like you, I think we have all felt like “giving up” at times but that little voice inside does remind us of why we do this. I like the suggestion of having something near you to remind us of what our dreams are.

    Thank you again for such great suggestions.

  3. Tamuria says:

    What an inspiring post, Joan. Love all your tips for getting out of a slump but especially, “Frame your current challenge as a learning experience and something you haven’t mastered – YET”.

  4. Hello Joan, Nope Quitting has never been an Option My Friend!! And Yes it is so important to keep that WHY we started in the first place up front and center HUH?

    I do have something to add to your awesome list. Be sure to celebrate your victories along the way, I guess this one would fall in #7. Have Fun and Take Time Out!!
    Great Share
    Chery :))

    • Hey Chery!
      No quitting EVER!! I agree with you that we need to celebrate those victories no matter how small, along the way 🙂 Appreciate your little tip my friend!

  5. Angie@chasingmyhalo says:

    I have been feeling flat lately in a lot of ways. Thanks for sharing these steps. Hopefully, I can tap into them to whip me back in shape!

  6. Somebody stole my mojo months ago, haven’t found it again! I need a break to get it back, but feel i am chasing my tail every day. This was a great post and has made me realise i need to do something about it.

  7. Ever since I left my full time corporate job earlier this year, it’s been a rough road. I recently learned how important #6 and #7 are…I needed to manage my expectations better, and now that I have, I’m kinder to myself, which makes my life better, more peaceful. As for having more fun, I finally took a week long vacation (for the most part), and that recharged my battery, which in turn ramped up my mojo. Enjoyed your article!

  8. I particularly like your comment around playing to your strengths (under tip 3). I’ve tried a lot of things with blogging. I’ve tried straight up blogs, vlogs, podcasts and everything between. Sometimes I think it takes time to work out where your strengths lie.

  9. I believe in knowing your why and feeling your way with ever fiber of your being. That will pull you forward automatically vs. forcing your way to achieve what you dream of creating. Great tips girlfriend, thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks Teresa! Yes feeling your why with every fiber of your being will help pull you forward so that you can achieve whatever it is that you are dreaming about 🙂 Glad to know I inspired you!

  10. Great post! One thing that is good about growing older is you keep your mojo much more often. The beauty is that if you follow the steps, you are less likely to loose it again.

  11. Jackie Harder says:

    I agree about the “big why.” When we connect with our “why” — and that is how it will make us feel — we are way more likely to stick with the program. Good stuff!

  12. When you’re pursuing a worthwhile goal, I’d say that it is inevitable that there will be a time when one things that it is more difficult that they though, taking longer than they thought, they are failing, etc. But you’ve given tips to keep on going.

  13. Hi Joan,

    I felt like that a few weeks ago, then something “different” came along that I explored idly and found it was great. I would probably have ignored it if I’d been as busy and motivated as usual. Funny how “One door shuts and another one opens”.

    So agree about having a friendly community where you can go for help and motivation. I have a few. Power Affiliate Club (PAC) is one of my favorites – but you know that….. it’s where we “met”.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Hey Joy 🙂
      I can totally attest to having a favorite and friendly community to go to for help and motivation! PAC is the first community that I ever felt where I truly belonged and have met some wonderful friends 🙂 It is important to never ever quit and to find communities that help you stay on track and inspire you, well that is a good thing indeed…..

  14. These are all inspiring ways to keep our vision or dream alive and to take steps, even if small ones, towards them, Joan. Having had a long-held dream that still hasn’t manifested, I think number 7 is so important. Remember to have fun and definitely take time out, let it go for awhile and then come back to it with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

    • That one is my favorite one too, Beverley! Sometimes you just need to have fun and take some time to recharge and regroup 😉 I find by doing that it helps my mood so much!

  15. Great tips! I love the “what 3 things are you going to do today” one. If you only have 3 things to do, it’s much less overwhelming than looking at a list that’s as long as your arm.

  16. Hi Joan,
    Great article. I think we all have felt like giving up at one point or another. Dealing with that monster voice inside is a learning curve. I have found that every day remind yourself of your why.
    Each morning what are my three things to do today? Share your goals with others – PAC
    I liked “We do our best work when there is a confluence of our strengths, passion, interests, and values”

    Feed back – I hired a business coach for external input and feed-back recently.
    Doing a review of what worked, after getting help refine, adjust. Learning from what didn’t work. Taking time out to recharge in the new year will help with motivation. Have faith
    and believe in yourself, this is key. Enjoyed your article.

    • Hey Kathryn 🙂
      Thank you! It is so important to do what you need to do on a daily basis to keep yourself on track to reach your goals, sometimes not so easy, but so much easier when you have a plan 😉

  17. Joan, this was a fabulous post and great reminders. I think remembering my big WHY and focusing on my learning is key to my continuing to forge ahead. I also think it’s important to take time and celebrate. Coming up for air now and again gives us the time we need to reflect and take care of ourselves. Thanks for a valuable post!

  18. heraldmarty says:

    Excellent advice Joan. I’m a lifelong practicing evangelist of psychological resilience and have pushed my way through more than a few trials of major proportions, so a few disappointments or stumbling blocks don’t phase me.

    For most people the problem is they are looking for quick fixes, the next “thing” or catchword of the moment or magic formula and when that doesn’t work they get discouraged and move on to try the next big thing. I long ago decided to stop wasting my time on the puddle jumpers in life.

  19. So I see a lot of talk about grit and to stay focused now at the end of the year, all good points…And I guess we need to think a bit about where we are and how to move forward for next year. So I agree it is important, but just as important to also relax and have fun. To not obsess too much about plans etc. 🙂

  20. I like that part which says recuperate. It is always good to take a breather. Sometimes being overwhelmed is the culprit of losing mojo. A vacation is always nice. I also like the part on evaluation. Being so busy and trying to perform all the time does not really do much good if you do not analyze what have you done.

    • Yes, it is always good to take a breather and take some time out , totally agree that is my favorite one too Lorii! Appreciate your comment, thank you 🙂

  21. Hi Joan,

    So much great information here to keep your head straight when things are getting rough.

    The bedrock of your success, you grit, your consistent effort always gets back to your WHY. Hold that always as the centerpiece in your mind.


  22. Hi Joan, Great post.
    I think we have all felt like “giving up” at times but that little voice inside does remind us of why we do this. I like the suggestion of having something near you to remind us of what our dreams are what we do right know.

    Thank you for such great post.

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