What Is The Magic Ingredient of Email Marketing?

The Magic Ingredient of Email Marketing








How do you absorb information better – by wading through facts and figures, or by reading a story that illustrates  the information?





What do you think this magic ingredient of email marketing is?








The magic ingredient is called……


Using story arcs






“A story arc is the concept of episodic storytelling that has found its way into the arena of marketing”……says Mary Jaksch (best known for her exceptional blogger training at A-List Blogging ) – where you can grab a copy of 201 A-List Tips to Rock Your Blog





Why Do Story Arcs Work?

  • This strategy works because the human brain can’t stand incompleteness.
  • It wants to experience closure.
  • This is called the Zeigarnik Effect.





If you want to use story arcs in your email marketing , open the first one with the major story arc, and then open a minor arc just before closing.




Writing major and minor story arcs is a truly effective way to pull your readers in, and make your emails memorable.




Mary suggests that you devote the next 2 months to split testing your email marketing campaigns

  • To make this campaign work, you need to determine a baseline measure.
  • Take your latest three open rates, add them up and then divide by 3.
  • That’s your baseline measure.
  • If an email in your autoresponder series goes below your baseline rate, check the subject line and content – as well as the variables I list below – to see how you could improve it.
  • If an email goes above your baseline, do a little celebratory dance because your campaign is moving in the right direction! 
  • Split-testing – One of the easiest ways to improve your baseline email open rates is to test different elements of your emails. 
  • Here’s a tip: when you’re split-testing, make sure you change only one variable at a time.
  • Subject line: Use subject lines that trigger curiosity or promise a benefit.
  • Story arcs: Design arcs that hook readers and make them look forward to your next installment.
  • Use of first name
  • Send-out day
  • Time of send-out
  • If you change just one variable at a time, you can glean clear indications of how each of these variables contribute to your opening rate.






In the end, the whole mystery of writing emails that people want to read is quite simple……….






If you enjoy communicating with your subscribers and share generously, your readers will look forward to your emails.







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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Hi Joan. This is my first time here. I found you on Kyle Nelson’s blog through the magic of CommentLuv. I just did a series on blogging, and one of the posts had to do with telling a story. I had never heard of the term ‘story arc’ before. Just added to my vocabulary!

    Thanks for these tips on email marketing. I’ve moved to a weekly magazine format, but these tips can also be used for any kind of writing for a business.

    All the best,

    1. Hi Leslie,
      Welcome! Glad you found me thru Comment Luv (great way to meet new people who love to blog ) You are most welcome for the tips 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and checking this post out and for your awesome comment, much appreciated! Have a great day 🙂

  2. Hi Joan!

    I saw where one of my coaches and mentors the one and only Leslie Denning had posted your content on Google Plus, so I knew I needed to investigate!LOL!

    Every bodies got a story! And those that learn to tell it well, like you! They do okay,right?

    And the rest of us, need to take copious notes! Thanks for sharing!

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