Do You Make These 5 Branding Mistakes?

How To Avoid These 5 Branding Mistakes in Your Marketing









Branding is much more than your logo, your products and your services…..





Even if you’re not consciously working on your brand image, not actively promoting your brand or your imageyou still have one.





Branding is your customers and potential customers perception of you, whether good or bad.





Branding is Essential – Because You Are Your Brand





“The biggest online branding mistake you can make is not realizing that branding starts on day one. And if you’re an entrepreneur, you essentially are your brand. Everything you do and say, plus every piece of content you publish, is a representation of your brand”…….says Liesha Petrovich , the creator of Micro Business Essentials





 Brand management is not just for businesses, but all entrepreneurs.







To build a professional brand from day one, you must avoid theses 5 common online branding mistakes






Mistake #1: Clipart Logo

  • One of the biggest misconceptions is thinking that your brand is the same thing as your logo.
  • Branding is not your logo – it is the perception behind your logo.
  • It should be professional, not a common stock image




Mistake #2: No Website

  • Customers expect businesses to have a website.
  • Without a website, your business simply seems like a hobby or side job.
  • Thankfully, there are free and affordable (click here to get one) options to build a strong web presence.




Mistake #3: Inconsistent Messaging

  • Your brand’s message is any post, tweet, status update, advertisement, business card or press release.
  • It’s every piece of content you publish about your business.
  • Your brand message should represent the core values of your business.
  • This simply means the intent of every message should be aligned on every social or marketing platform




Mistake #4: Controversial Social Media Use

  • Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay.
  • It can be a great way to showcase a brand, or it can be a nightmare.
  • It’s okay to use social media as long as it sticks with your brand’s core values.
  • Controversial issues spread like wildfire on the Internet
  • Important tip to remember…..Before you start proclaiming your personal views on social media, you must be aware that you could damage your brand’s image.
  • You are connected directly to your brand’s image, so before you hit send, make sure you are ok with what you are putting out.




Mistake #5: Unprofessional Business Practices

  • You’re going to make mistakes – everyone does.
  • The difference is in how you acknowledge and address them.
  • All businesses are different.
  • But there is always some type of transaction between the business and customer.
  • Every step, from the first inquiry to any follow-up services, should be professional.
  • Return emails and phone calls in a timely manner.
  • Promptly address any problems or mistakes.
  • Take responsibility and try to correct any adverse situation to the best of your ability.
  • You want your business to be perceived as valuable and credible.
  • Not as a brand that is synonymous with unprofessional, time-wasting, or egomaniacal.







Having a strong, professional business brand is essential to the success of your business





Start managing your brand image from day one by consciously creating the brand that you want to project.

  • Make choices every day that will help you grow your business into the brand you want to become by avoiding these 5 branding mistakes
  • Remember that branding is perception and reputation
  • Start with listing what values are most important to you.



Never forget that you are your brand image.





Make sure it’s an image that will help grow your business, not damage it.







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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington










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  1. Wonderful post Joan!

    Too often I see my coaching clients or other marketers attach themselves to a particular company or product thinking that is how they brand themselves. Companies and products come and go.

    People buy products or join opportunities with people who they know, like, and trust.

    This a checklist that needs to be seen by all those who are starting a home based business.

    Thanks Joan!

  2. Thanks for sharing this info Joan. Branding is so important especially to the new entrepreneurs. Once done correctly it shows what the company/person truly stands for. It is easy to get attracted to such a company or person and have a relationship.

  3. Brilliant! I think that sometimes I can be a bit inconsistent with my message. I have tried too hard in the past to be all things to all people instead of narrowing it down and focussing in. Great post!

  4. Absolutely right Joan! I believe people see us as everything we represent, and how we present it and ourselves quite naturally …and if we are hiding behind a business or bouncing around social media irritating folks them that is not a good start! As you suggest a home base (blog) is creating a place to find us then we can build our ‘brand’ from there … best to get some help if it’s a new venture… like you say it’s good to start looking and reacting like a professional 🙂

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