How To Make Your Facebook Fans Want To See Your Content

5 easy ways to make your Facebook fans want to see your content








Here are 5 easy ways to make your Facebook fans WANT to see your content





1. Focus on fan quality rather than quantity by keeping your content relevant

  • Lots of businesses, when they first create a Facebook Page, focus on getting lots of Likes.
  • Focusing on Likes is a bad idea for a bunch of reasons.
  • If you keep your content relevant to your business, you will get positive feedback from your fans.




2. Stay on topic most of the time

  • While most of the content you post should be about your business’s products and services, you need to mix things up or people will get bored.
  • Every once in a while give your fans something fun and irreverent.
  • At ShortStack, they try to follow the 70-20-10 rule:
  • 70% of their Facebook posts include content that is valuable to their  users, including best practices, tips and industry news.
  • 20%  of their content is helpful information that has already been shared by others, such as content from other business Pages or insightful information from Twitter or Pinterest.
  • The final 10%  is promotional, meaning content that is about their new products, special deals, events, etc.





3. Post just often enough to give your readers what they want

  • How often to post and whether or not to repurpose “old” content on Facebook is something lots of bloggers and people in the social media space struggle with.
  • There is not one recipe that will work for everyone.
  • It takes some experimentation to figure out what will work best for you, but such experimentation is time well spent.




4.  Have a consistent voice so your users know what to expect

  • Coming up with a voice for your brand’s social media presence, can be daunting.
  • It is especially challenging if you already have a presence but you want to fine-tune your voice and aren’t sure how to go about it.
  • Ask yourself these questions about your business:
  •  “What does your company do?”
  • “Why did you start the company?”
  • “Why do people visit your website?”
  • “Who are your customers?”
  • “What do you love about your company?”
  • Determine the emotional responses you hear in the answers.
  • This will help you see patterns that should lead to a better understanding of your business and your customers and if your customers want casual, educational information, how-to guides, news, or humor-tinged posts.




5. Experiment early and often

  • There is no way you can know what types of social media efforts will work best for you if you don’t have anything to compare them to.
  • Ask your fans what they want and listen to what they’re saying.
  • Social media offers insights that traditional types of marketing and advertising don’t.





The true value of social media is all about opening up channels of communication with customers, being transparent, establishing good will, and branding.







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