How To Make Your Marketing More Persuasive

What Makes Marketing Persuasive?










The Question You Should Be Asking To Help Make Your Marketing More Persuasive….

  • Q: “What does effective marketing actually do to create sales?”
  • A:Effective marketing persuades people to buy your products and services.”




“Since the goal is to persuade people to buy (or at least to somehow get them “closer” to buying, by getting them to subscribe to your email list, for example), that’s all you should focus on“……says Peter Sandeen, guest blogger, Firepole marketing

  • Not:
  • What colors should I use on my website?
  • What’s the right price for my products?
  • What marketing tactic is best for my business?

These questions miss the point.

  • They miss the fact that your goal is to persuade people to buy, not to have “great colors on your website.”
  • So, the questions should actually be:
  • What colors will help me persuade people to buy?
  • What price will help me persuade people to buy?
  • What marketing tactic is best for persuading people to buy?





What Does Make Marketing More Persuasive?


  • Q: “What, then, makes marketing persuade people to buy my products and/or services?”
  • A: “Great, believable reasons to buy!”
  • Essentially, all marketing needs to do to be effective is give people great, believable reasons to buy.




If your business isn’t as successful as you’d like it to be, it means you’re not giving people persuasive enough reasons to buy.






What makes a persuasive reason to buy?


Step 1: You Shouldn’t Target Everyone

  • You shouldn’t even try to persuade everyone.
  • If you target everyone, you don’t attract anyone
  • You need to focus on finding the best reasons for a specific group of people to buy your products and services…….focus on your target customer.
  • Your target customer in this context doesn’t mean the same thing you’ve probably read about elsewhere.
  • You should develop a target customer (description of the kinds of people you primarily want to attract to your business) that only includes the aspects of the people that almost all of them share.
  • Then you can start to understand what the best reasons are for all of those people in your target group to buy from you – not just one specific person.


Step 2: What Do You Give People?

  • Marketers always say, “Don’t talk about the features, talk about the benefits.” 
  • You need to figure out what positive results people get or experience when they use your product or service
  • Maybe they’ll feel better.
  • Maybe they’ll learn something.
  • Maybe they’ll reach a goal.
  • Maybe they’ll solve a problem.
  • Maybe new opportunities become possible.
  • A positive result is a persuasive reason to buy what you sell.
  • But it’s not enough to just point out some benefits – your competitors might say the same things.


Step 3: What Makes You Different

  • Something has to make you different.
  • Depending on what exactly you sell, the benefits of your product or service might be very similar to the ones offered by your competitors’ products and services.
  • So, you have to either find the unusual benefits you provide, or find another way to stand out from your competition.
  • Something has to make you clearly different.
  • But it only makes a real difference if it’s meaningful to your target customers.
  • You can be different in countless ways, but if none of them is truly meaningful to people, why would they care?
  • Consider all the things that make you stand out from your competition and find the differences that your target customers care about.





You Must Focus Your Marketing on The Most Persuasive Reasons





When you focus your marketing, you’re not only going to make more sales directly, you’re also going to be memorable.





When people are ready to buy, they’ll remember what makes you different and better than your competitors.




Next time you catch yourself asking, “What colors shall I use on my website?” “What’s the right price for my product?” or “What’s the best marketing tactic?” Stop!





Instead of those questions, ask, “What are the most persuasive reasons for my target customers to buy what I sell, and how I can get those reasons across?”





Those best reasons to buy from you make up your value proposition.





If you’re not making the sales you’d like, then you’re not getting the ideas in your value proposition across clearly enough.





When you focus your marketing on your value proposition, people will understand why it makes sense for them to buy, and you’ll see the difference in your sales numbers.







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  1. Joan – I am loving these posts, and especially how in this one you go beyond the “common-wisdom” words and bland definition to dig a few levels deeper than most people do. Another hang-up that I have encountered as I go about teaching, is that people get hung-up on their negative connotations on the word “persuade”. I find that is a good acid test for people to get a “gut-check”. The advice I give is – if you don’t feel comfortable about persuading people to buy what you are selling – you will never sell enough for that product’s sales to sustain you in business”. Would you agree? I bow to the wisdom of the Spirit within you. prp

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