How To Make Money with Pinterest

Ways to Make Money with Pinterest











Pinterest is a great network to tap into to sell to people who prefer the more visual side of things.




Here are some ways you can monetize your Pinterest account by using it to grow your mailing list, sell products, offer services, increase book sales, and promote affiliate products…..from Kristi Hines, author/blogger




Want to build your mailing list through Pinterest?




Encourage people to subscribe through your Pinterest with these tips

Pin an image of where people can go to subscribe.

  • If you have a well-designed opt-in page, take a screenshot of it, upload it to Pinterest, edit the link to point back to your opt-in page, and tell people why they should describe in the description.
  • This way, people who only follow you on Pinterest will know where to go for more information.

Focus on making the giveaway.

  • If you have an incentive for signups, make sure you have some great images to represent it.
  • This could include quotes from inside an e-book, stats from a whitepaper, or a sample of a free video training course.



Here are several options to promote on Pinterest

Share some statistics in an image.

  • If there’s a great stat that would encourage people to buy your product, put it in a visually-appealing image, and pin it.

Turn your sales page into an infographic.

  • Infographics are popular on Pinterest.
  • Create a stunning infographic that takes people through a specific problem and how your product will help them.
  • Then link the infographic to your real sales page.



Offer Services

Create a portfolio board with examples of your work.

  • Edit each pin and link it back to your portfolio page or your sales page for that particular service.

Turn customer testimonials into fancy quote images and pin them to a testimonial board.

  • Edit each pin and link it back to your testimonials page or your sales page for that particular service.

Share small tips.

  • For example, if you’re a Web designer, maybe you could have a board with a “tip of the week” for small business website design such as adding a beautiful footer design to your website.
  • If businesses who follow you can’t implement your design tip, they might call upon you to do it for them.



Promote Affiliate Products

How do you promote affiliate products on Pinterest?

Test the affiliate link first

  • Pinterest strips tags from known affiliate networks like Amazon, but smaller networks and websites may make it through. Until someone reports them at least.

Pin images from your review post about a product.

  • This way, people can click the affiliate link from your review post instead.

Pin images from list-style posts

  • For example:  “My 50 most recommended favorite marketing books of 2013.”
  • People love lists, and if each of your items has an affiliate link, then you’re likely to get sales.






Pinterest requires you to get creative about the ways you visually represent your mailing list, products, services, and affiliate products.


It’s all about the image.



Only great images will see likes, comments, shares, and click-throughs from this audience.






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