Are you making these marketing mistakes?

How to avoid these 3 marketing mistakes in your business










If you can avoid these 3 marketing mistakes as outlined in this post from Firepole Marketing,  in your business,  then you will have a definate edge over your competitors 





Here are the 3 marketing mistakes many online businesses make that you need to avoid…..





1.  Don’t Go Straight for The Sale

  • When you aim to make a sale right away, even if you do a great job of it, you’re never going to convert as many visitors as you would if you only aimed to convert them to subscribers first.
  • When you consider your own sales funnel, don’t go straight to the sale.
  • Rather, get people on your email list first, so you can keep in touch with them over a longer period of time.
  • That gives you a chance to prove your expertise before asking for their money.




2.  Give People a Real Reason to Subscribe

  • When you ask people to join your list, you have to make it sound valuable.
  • If you try to please everyone, you attract no one.
  • When you ask people to join your email list, give them a better reason to do so than just convenience.
  • Create some content they can only get if they join and be specific about what the benefit of that content is.




3.  Make Your Marketing Unique to What Makes You Stand Out

  • Don’t create marketing that is so generic that your competitors could use the same messages in their marketing.
  • Instead, figure out what makes you stand out from the competition and focus your marketing on those aspects of you, your business, and your products.
  • This is called your value proposition








What Is Your Value Proposition

  • Your Value Proposition, when it’s fully developed,  will include the best reasons for people to pay attention to you and ultimately buy what you sell.
  • “It’s what all your marketing should focus on says Peter Sandeen , because when you do that, you’re focusing on the best reasons for people to take action, which makes them as likely as possible to take action—join your list and buy your stuff”.






If you want a quick way to get an idea of what things make people pay attention to you and buy from you, you can get Peter’s 5-step system , get this 5-step system that shows you what aspects of you and your products really make the difference.






They’re the ideas all your marketing should focus on primarily.





When you do that, you can go head to head against your competition  in your industry.







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