How To Market Your Business And Boost Sales

Market Your Business And Boost Sales







Successful brands have passionate followers.




Think Apple. Nike. Whole Foods.

  • What makes them different?
  • Why are they so successful?
  • It’s not just their products.
  • They know why they’re in business.
  • They’re on a mission.
  • And they’re not afraid to be different: Their positioning is unique.
  • They also have enormous marketing budgets.




“The Web allows you to market your business without a huge advertising budget”…...says Henneke 




The Web allows you to market your business in a different and newer way





The new way to market your business requires captivating content



  • Content that delights, entertains, or supports your target customers.

  • Content that gets found when your customers search for information on Google.

  • Content that gets shared, liked, tweeted, and plussed.





How can you create captivating content to market your business online?



Follow these 4 steps by Henneke:




1.  Develop your brand personality

  • Become fascinating

  • Define your mission

  • What are you passionate about? And why?

  • Be different.

  • You have to stand out to attract passionate customers.

  • Be human. 

  • People don’t connect with companies.

  • People engage with other people

  • Share stories.

  • Because stories fascinate.

  • Stories engage.




2.  Change your attitude from pure selling to helping people select and buy.

  • Create content that’s helpful, engaging, and entertaining.

  • Build trust online.

  • Become recognized as an authority; a helpful source of information; a trusted advisor.

  • How can you build your reputation?

  • How can you sell without scaring potential customers away?

  • And how can you inspire your customers to buy?

  • Understand your audience.

  • Be helpful

  • Answer questions.

  • Provide testimonials.

  • Be honest.

  • Don’t focus on features.

  • Instead talk about what problems you solve.

  • Because problems attract attention.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale.

  • But ask at the right moment.




 3.   Use email marketing to engage with and sell to your audience.

  • Email is an excellent marketing tool.

  • Imagine this:

  • A potential customer arrives at your website; has a look around and likes what he sees.

  • But he’s not ready to buy.

  • So he leaves your website to read a newspaper online.

  • Or check out some blogs.

  • You’ve lost your potential customer.

  • He’s gone.

  • And he may never return to your website.

  • And he may never buy anything from you.

  • What can you do instead?

  • How can you keep hold of this potential customer?

  • Use email to engage, build trust, and sell

  • Maximize sign-ups.

  • Have several sign-forms on your website.

  • Give a reason to sign up.

  • Provide exclusive information or email-only promotions.

  • Send people a welcome email.

  • Share tips.

  • Don’t just sell.

  • Develop a relationship.

  • Share useful information or be entertaining.

  • Write to one person.

  • Because nobody likes being addressed as part of crowd.

  • Imagine writing to just one person and your emails will become friendlier, more personal, and more engaging.

  • Have a clear call-to-action.

  • Ask people to connect.

  • Ask them to reply.

  • Or ask them to buy.



4.  How to gain trust,engage with and to sell to your audience using social media

  • Listen. Lurk. Observe.

  • Be humble.

  • Be interested.

  •  Show people you care.

  • Ask questions.

  • Contribute to the discussion.

  • Provide valuable comments.

  • Don’t be afraid to have an opinion.

  • Promote others.

  • Social media isn’t another advertising channel.

  • It’s more like a networking event.

  • A noisy, giant networking event.

  • Connect with influencers such as bloggers, journalists, and industry experts.

  • Add personality.

  • Don’t worry about mistakes.

  • You’re human.

  • And humans make mistakes.

  • Have fun.

  • That’s important.

  • Be passionate.

  • And enjoy yourself.

  • Because that’s when people want to join your party.




Creating captivating content requires energy, and creativity, and hard work.




Most of all, you need to understand your target customers.




You need to dream their dreams.




Share their pain.




And talk their talk.





Create captivating content and your customers will like it, share it, tweet it, plus it, and pin it.





You’ll gain enthusiastic customers who spread the word for you.





And Google will reward you with more web traffic.





More potential customers.





And more business.






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To Your Success,
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