How To Market and Sell Effectively Without Resorting to Hype

Do You Know How To Market and Sell Effectively Without Having To Resort To Hype?



So, be honest are you ever tempted to use hype and exaggeration when you market and sell just so you can cut through the noise and get your audiences to pay attention?





Seriously, all that hype does is annoy your prospects and customers.

“Prospective customers can smell hype from a mile away. They’re aware of the manipulation tactics of marketers.  If the offer is too good to be true, sounds like a scam, or is too pushy, customers already know what to do: will leave and never come back”…….says 




What should you do instead ?


The answer is to be helpful and authentic.


Being authentic and helpful makes your statements more believable. Customers feel you’re thinking about their best interests.  This will also set up your business for success in the LONG term because you’re building trust among your customers.


Authenticity can also help you stand out because being authentic is not common and it will bring a breath of fresh air to audiences.



How Can You Build Authenticity?

One way to build authenticity is by being straightforward.

Instead of saying “We’re a company that is committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction,” you can just say “We offer a money-back guarantee.”

With a clear and straightforward money-back guarantee on your landing page, customers know exactly what you’re guaranteeing.

Being straightforward removes both hype and abstraction.

Another way to build authenticity and remove the hype is to write as if you’re talking to a friend or family member.

What happens if you use hype when talking to a friend or family?  It’s likely they won’t believe you.

They won’t take you seriously. But if you stay authentic, they will believe what you say.



Anticipate Your Audience’s Questions

Aside from being authentic, being helpful will make your customers trust your business.

To be helpful, you must first figure out what specific kind of help they’re looking for.

You can answer their questions in your website’s FAQ section or right on your landing page.

The key is to put yourself in the audience’s shoes.

Then ask yourself what would be your main concerns about the product.

When you address their concerns, audiences perceive you as being helpful.



Tell True Stories from Your Satisfied Customers

Using testimonials is a way to take advantage of the power of word of mouth marketing.

Customers don’t want to make mistakes when buying anything, so they look to hear and learn from other people’s experiences. So if you add testimonials to your landing page, your prospects will feel at ease.

They will realize that your product or service, in fact, has worked for others.

Instead of using exaggerations, let your satisfied customers do the talking. It sounds more genuine and your prospects can relate more than when you toot your own horn.



Remember you don’t have to please everyone 🙂

What works is to become clear and specific.

Removing the hype and being specific also focuses your marketing efforts.

It means you’ll only reach out to people who are most likely to buy.

When people who really want your product buy from you, they are likely to become repeat customers.

They’ll feel that your product was specifically designed for them.

Those repeat customers will also be happy to spread the word about your business.











Let’s recap what you can do instead of using hype in your marketing:

  • Be authentic and helpful.
  • Write like you talk to a friend or family member.
  • Anticipate your audience’s questions and answer them.
  • Own up to your shortcomings.
  • Use testimonials to let happy customers do the talking for you.
  • Be clear and specific.



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Joan Harrington

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42 thoughts on “How To Market and Sell Effectively Without Resorting to Hype

  1. There are a lot of ways to market or sell and you need to think about your customer more than yourself. As you point out, too many people do t do that. They just think about trying to stand out. It’s about solving a problem and building a relationship When you do that, you won’t have a problem standing out from the crowd.

  2. Joan,
    Great post and I especially liked the part where asking your audience about what they want to hear. I know this would be helpful to make the posts what they are interested about so they will read. (” Lori English

    • Thank you Lori! Appreciate your comment 🙂 Making posts that people are interested in is important because you want to show your readers that you know what they want to read 🙂

  3. Carol Rundle says:

    Very helpful info, Joan. You really needs to know who your customer is so you can talk to them authentically without hype. Then, the right people will be attracted to you.

  4. Thank you for this! Hype doesn’t work for me either. I’ve never responded to the sales pitches that make unrealistic claims or show the “use my product and in 6 months you’ll be living in a mansion driving a fleet of Hummers” type of marketing. Authenticity is SOOO much better!

  5. I advice my clients that having testimonials on their site and social media pages make people want to trust you. Great tips. I find that looking really and approachable online helps people reach out and ask questions.

  6. susanmarymalone says:

    This is helpful for all entrepreneurs, Joan. And all so true. This one took me a long time to learn: “Remember you don’t have to please everyone.” But now, just knowing that I don’t have to take everyone on as a client, has been so freeing.

  7. Tamuria says:

    These are great tips Joan. I run a mile when I’m confronted with hype. However, a money back guarantee always adds temptation to anything I’m considering spending money on.

  8. All of these points you shared really resonate with me Joan! It seems the marketing world has really made a big shift to authenticity and conversation, which in my world, is what really counts. People want to know who you are, not just as a business, but as a person, so giving your reader’s an inside look at your world, I believe goes a long way to making them a member of your tribe.

    • Thanks Beverley! Absolutely, sharing your world to others is so important, as it shows others that you are real and authentic and that is what it is all about…..the more real you are the better off you will gain that trust, especially when it comes to online marketing 🙂 Appreciate your feedback, as always!

  9. Hi Joan, Really great post. People toady are so used to being exposed to marketing online and offline that they can see hype a mile off. Like you say the key really is to be authentic. People but from people.

    Thank for sharing,


  10. Hello Joan! Awesome post my friend! Wow just take a look at FaceBook.. Yikes there is Hype everywhere! this post right here needs to get in front of those people..

    Great Share
    Chery :))

  11. Joyce Hansen says:

    You’re so right to point this out Joan. Authenticity is a big things for me in determining whether I’m going to make a purchase or not. Also, writing in a more personal and friendly tone is something that I’m working on. Got to get the teacher mode out of me!

  12. Joan, these are great tips for helping one to make sure that they are helping their readers to solve their problems and being authentic in doing so. If the connection is right that the reader will become your client or customer.

  13. Joan great piece and thank you for talking me into doing it, people around here think it all about hype and taking my money. I must admit, I learned an expensive lesson. Thank you for talking me into staying..

  14. Great post Joan. Being truthful is so important in every way. Sometimes people or others you are dealing with can read you without you being aware that, that is going on. Once you get this, it is necessary that you have to be yourself no matter the situation. Be you, at all times because the people you are dealing with knows when you are real and when you are not.

  15. Thanks Joan, this is actually what I was just discussin in a course I am taking…how to lear how to ‘sell’ my service without being too pushy. And I am not good at it at all…I am good at telling a story, doing my social media marketing well for the few clients I have…but I am not good to get out there…

    • You are welcome girl 🙂 It is ok, knowing how to tell a good story is something to feel really good about 🙂 That is a skill I am always working on. Getting out of that comfort zone is important too…I find myself wanting to do video marketing, (I have done a few videos) but seem to keep putting it off, even though it would be so good for me and my business, ya know?

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