Marketing Myths…….Declassified

Here are 7 Common Marketing Myths











Reading marketing blogs can give you a pretty twisted idea of what marketing and business are like.





When you’re distracted – even if just a little – by some myth, you forget to focus on what really makes the difference in your marketing: understanding why people should buy from you, and making sure your marketing conveys those reasons.









Let’s take a look at 7 marketing myths that plague the marketing world.





“When you’re aware of the myths, you can look at marketing advice much more objectively and discard the stuff that doesn’t really help you succeed”…….says Peter Sandeen ( who  helps businesses stand out from the competition)





Myth#1: “Anyone Can Make Money Online”

  • It’s technically possible for practically anyone to make money online.
  • But not nearly everyone is cut out to do it.
  • Honestly, a lot of people don’t have the dedication to do the work necessary to actually make money online.
  • Let’s put it another way: “Anyone can make money online” should be “Anyone who’s willing to do the work, can create/do something plenty of other people want to pay for, and is damn resilient can make money online.”




Myth #2: “If You Try Enough Tactics, Something Will Work”

  • If you just “try everything until something works,” there’s no telling how long it will take for you to see results.
  • Even more unfortunate, many people try several tactics at a time, so they don’t really learn any of them.
  • They don’t see results, so they move on to other tactics – even though the problem wasn’t necessarily in the tactics, but rather in their knowledge of how those tactics work.
  • Build a single, simple marketing system that works. 
  • Study it, improve it, and master it.
  • The green grass will always look greener on the other side, so fight the temptation to switch tactics prematurely.



Myth#3: “[Blank] is The Best Marketing Tactic”

  • Practically every marketing professional has a favorite marketing tactic.
  • And there’s nothing wrong with that
  • But when they suggest that their favorite tactic is “the best,” they’re either amateurs or liars. 
  • They’re amateurs if they believe what they’re saying and they’re liars if they know the reality.
  • There’s no “best” marketing tactic.
  • So, the next time someone tries to convince you of a marketing tactic’s benefits, consider how well it really fits into your business.



Myth#4: “The Customer is Always Right”

  • If you just take it as it is, it’s plain wrong.
  • Especially if you’re in a coaching/training business, you have to remember that your clients aren’t always right.
  • Your job is actually to point out how they’re wrong, and then help them fix it.
  • In most cases, pointing out your customers’ (or even prospects’) mistakes is a great reason for them to want more from you.
  • That is, you’re the one who was able to point out how they’d get better results and/or avoid costly mistakes.
  • Pointing out that your customers are wrong makes them hooked to your advice.


Myth #5: “Your Customers Are On Social Media”

  • “Your [potential] customers usually means people who are currently interested to buy what you sell.
  • Depending on what you sell, there’s a really good chance people aren’t interested to learn about it through social media.
  • In other words, when they’re at Facebook or Twitter, they’re not potential customers at that time.
  • “Social media as a  marketing tactic , can be misleading, and it can work for various kinds of businesses but lacks consistency”….says Peter.



Myth#6: “Content Is King”

  • “Content is king” implies that content in itself would be enough.
  • Content, regardless of its quality, is only a piece of a marketing tactic.
  • That’s something we, and especially many new bloggers, forget: just creating content for the sake of having it on your website or blog doesn’t help your marketing.



Myth#7: “Build It and They Will Come”

  • Start a website.
  • Create great content.
  • People come to read it.
  • You make money.
  • Nope.
  • Almost regardless of your topic, there are plenty of other sites with similar content.
  • People don’t automatically find your content  – no matter how good it is.
  • You need to market your content.
  • Let’s say you do a good job marketing your content and plenty of people find it.
  • There’s no guarantee they’ll ever come back, let alone subscribe to your email list for updates.
  • The only reason they’ll come back is if you stand out from your competition in some meaningful way.
  • You need to give people good reasons to want more from you.






You need to figure out the best reasons for people to pay attention to you and want your content (and products), and make those benefits immediately clear to your audience when they reach your site.






 If you are unsure how to find out those best reasons, you can discover the best reasons for people to pay attention to your stuff with Peter’s quick 5-step exercise.






It lets you evaluate your ideas with perhaps uncomfortable honesty, but it’s well worth it to know what makes you stand out from the competition.









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