How To Master the 6 S’s of Brand Credibility

Mastering the 6 S’s of Brand Credibility








Want to build amazing credibility for your brand?




How does a small brand like yours stand out from the rest?




How do you compete against companies with huge marketing budgets?




First you need to build credibility!




Facebook is a great place to start!




Here are 6 simple ways to enhance the credibility of your brand and get your audience to trust you… Aaron Lee/Post Planner




Every Brand on Facebook Should Master the 6 S’s of Brand Credibility




1. Setup

  • Make sure your Facebook page is fully optimized.
  • Load the page with amazing content & details about your company.
  • Include key elements like a:
  • Profile photo
  • Cover photo
  • Detailed About section
  • Phone number
  • Website link
  • Apps



2. Storytelling

  • To build brand credibility, you’ll need to tell your fans about your company & how the business came to be.
  • Storytelling is one of the most effective forms of communication because stories are so personal & authentic.
  • Through stories people connect with your business on a whole new level.
  • Start by sharing stories of your success, the challenges you’ve faced & lessons you’ve learned



3. Share Useful & Engaging Content 

  • Nothing kills credibility more quickly than a limp Facebook page that constantly shares posts while getting no engagement from fan — not a Like, not a comment, NOTHING!
  • Sharing interesting content that gets people to respond is a surefire way to boost your brand credibility.



4. Social Proof

  • Social proof is another great way to get people to trust your company.
  • Social proof is brand credibility that comes from others engaging with your business.
  • When you have lots of Facebook fans who often Like & share your posts with friends, that tells other people that your brand is credible & should be paid attention to.



5. Show up & Stay Consistent

  • Posting consistently keeps fans coming back for more.
  • It is recommended to post at least once a day.
  • This becomes easier if you create a content calendar for your Facebook page so your fans know what to expect.



6. Support, Support, Support

  • Provide outrageous customer support on Facebook!
  • Show people you care about their needs & concerns.
  • When you don’t respond to a dissatisfied customer, they keep coming back with negative feedback.
  • This makes your page look more toxic than it should.
  • And savvy customer service can fix all this.





To recap, the 6 S’s of brand credibility on Facebook are:

  1. Setup

  2. Storytelling

  3. Share useful and engaging content

  4. Social proof

  5. Show up and stay consistent

  6. Support, support, support!





Have you tried any of these ways to increase your brand’s credibility?






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  1. Thank you for this post. I’ve been looking for ways to increase the engagement on my fan page. I’ve really been working to post at least three times a day during the week. Not sure it’s really paying off YET but I know these things take time.

    What do you recommend to schedule your posts?

    Also, how do I use apps?

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