How To Master Network Marketing

Mastering Network Marketing….What You Need To Know








It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, or how amazing your product is at filling a need or solving a problem.




If no one knows about it, you’ll be out of business in no time flat.




Getting people through your doors or on your website is one of those things that is very simple – but not all that easy.




The guys over at Firepole Marketing break it down easily for you!



 Here are their tips on how you can master network marketing:



You’ve got to promote!





You promote by using these 3 segments of Network Marketing:

  • Advertising is a way to get attention.
  • Branding is a way to make that attention last longer.
  • Buzz is getting people to pay attention to you, without having to start the conversation yourself.






There’s a whole world of people out there waiting to find out about your business!





First here are 4 marketing tactics that are people-friendly, and will help circulate your business name and products in ways people will find fun … and memorable.



1.  Get Personal

  • Your best marketing tool is YOU
  • When you meet people, you are genuinely interested in them, their interests, their likes and dislikes, their opinions.
  • Ask them questions about themselves, have conversations that are full of ideas and current events from news to movies to apps.
  • People remember chatting about their own lives and interests, as well as your interest in them.
  • They remember that they first heard about the latest viral video, great new website or blog, extreme sport, or joke from you.
  • And you gain a new business friend, potential client and someone sure to spread word of the coolness of you.
  • You can make a lasting impression just by being gregarious, original, interesting and interested



2.  Get Creative

  • Rethink your business card.
  • Business cards tend to be formulaic, drab and hard to read.
  • To get creative with your card, start by thinking outside the small, white rectangle.
  • You could also e-mail a video business “card” to your clients once.
  • Ask them to share it with their friends and clients.



3.  Sunglasses, Water bottles, Stickers and Kites…

  • Think out of the box about the giveaway items on which you print your business name and logo.
  • T-shirts, pens, totes, water bottles, notepads, sunglasses, coffee cups – or, if you have a computer-related business – mouse pads and USB flash drives; these are all items that people use and hold onto.
  • Try putting your logo on things that consumers find not only useful, but fun: sweat towels, sunglasses, stickers, toys, sports balls, small paddles, cozies, and bottle openers.
  • They keep your name in front of consumers.



4.  Say “hey, look at us!”

  • If you have a blog, post your activities there
  • On a blog or any other social media site, use PHOTOS.
  • Always identify the people in them.




Choose the strategy that is most appropriate for your particular business, and/or the strategy that you feel is most likely to bring in word of mouth referrals.





For a prospect to buy easily, they need to have a strong felt need, which can also be described as acute pain or irrational passion.




I’m sure you’ve had the experience of being exposed to a product or service that you needed, but still needing the right combination of marketing materials to get you to actually buy it.




Creating excitement is an important part of that combination.




Here are Four Rules for Building Excitement



1. It’s has to be real.

  • Promote only what is authentic about your product or service.
  • It’s tempting to create excitement by saying lots of nice things, but if none of them are true, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot.



2. Target what matters.

  • If you want to create excitement in sales, you’ve got to talk about (duh!) what will excite them.
  • And we don’t mean what *you* think will excite them.
  • We mean what will *actually* excite them.
  • Take a minute and think about the five pains or passions that they are looking to resolve with your offering.
  • If you aren’t talking about these key issues,then you are off base – go back to the drawing board!



3. Make them feel like part of a select club.

  • Being part of something is a basic human need.
  • From uniforms to secret handshakes, the “proof” of belonging to a special club is always looked upon with pride if you’re in, and envy if you aren’t.



4. Creating Urgency with Your Offer.

  • There is nothing like an expiration date to get people to take action.
  • The sense of impending loss is very powerful, if it can be demonstrated that you are missing out on something by not acting fast.
  • It is important to know how useful creating urgency in sales really is.
  • Be sure to attach urgency to every offer that you make.




A good dose of excitement is always a good thing to generate sales.




Just follow these 4 rules to make sure you don’t overdo it.





You Need To Standout from Others!





Remember, the world is unlikely to beat a path to your door (or your website) – unless they already know about your mousetrap!





Differentiation attracts attention.







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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington




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  1. A lot of great advice, Joan. Being in PR, I especially like the section, “Think outside the box” … however I think this article post is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to network marketing advice. It will take a lifetime to master if you ever truly master it. I’m a firm believer that there is ALWAYS something NEW to learn in our field of study. Have you ever thought about utilizing publicity to garner attention to your network marketing business? Just curious. most likely not. A master would have thought of that. Overall, excellent post. Thanks for sharing with the tribe. We’re going to do this. #InternetDomination #BaddaBing

    1. Thanks for your valuable insight, Curt!!! Greatly appreciate it! Utilizing publicity to garner attention to my network marketing business? Tell me how to do that? Thanks 🙂

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