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0 thoughts on “Your Guide For Email Marketing Success

  • Merle

    Excellent Joan. You always deliver some great advice and information. There are a couple of your tips I need to take notice of !! Thanks for sharing.

  • Alana

    Excellent points. I will be sharing this on LinkedIn, again as a non-business owner who knows business owners.. A question I would like to ask, based on my experience of having a son in his mid 20’s and knowing others his age. They don’t seem to use email. Their communication medium is texting – and, Facebook (although I observe them using Facebook less and less.) Are marketers noticing lower success rates using email for that market segment? Or, will they use email to sign up for newsletters or to opt into an attractive offer? Because, if I want my son to read an email – I have to text him. And if I email him a photo, he wants to know why I didn’t text the photo to him. Just wondering!