What Is MNU?

The Truth About MNU (Marketing and Networking University)



MNU’s Online Programs and Tools allow you to Earn while you Learn.  


When it comes to online learning and earning MNU is DEFINATELY ahead of the pack


The Marketing & Networking University has a mission to be the online authority for all aspects of Marketing and Networking and the go too source to help educate, inspire, develop and ignite people’s passion and enthusiasm to fulfill their goals and build on their Vision and to take action to realize their dreams both personally and financially.


Marketing & Networking University is dedicated to empowering as many people as possible through the Vision of MNU, to learn how to properly network and learn how to become an entrepreneur, through the shared knowledge and experience of their course creators.


Founded on the idea that individuals can build businesses and have personal lives at the same time, MNU believes that individuals can use the struggles, hardships and experiences they’ve had in life and turn them into their most empowering assets.


MNU provides their customers and affiliates the potential to go from disenfranchisement to full self-empowerment by utilizing the following products and services in their membership:



MNU Student Viral Blogging System

  • The MNU Student Viral Blogging System is second to none in this industry  when it comes to flexibility, power, attractiveness and technology and is equipped with everything a marketer needs to brand themselves, generate traffic, capture leads, create sales pages, build a list, send out email campaigns and monitor analytics all within one simple system.
  • Why go anywhere else?
  • System Features Include:
  • SEO optimized software
  • Sales Funnel, Pre-launch and legal page Builder
  • Lead capture & Auto-responder
  • List building technology
  • Customizable theme
  • Web Shop


MNU Course Creation Centre (CCC)

  • The MNU Course Creation Centre (CCC) is an industry first.  
  • CCC allows our students to become the teachers and create courses on the front end and provide value to either their team or fellow students of MNU.
  • This system is extremely powerful and allows the students to be recognized more amongst their peers and public.
  • Within their course library you will find a diverse range of courses specially put together by MNU, lecturers and fellow students to not only educate you on the Internet Marketing niche but also on varies other niches.
  • Here you can scroll through the courses of your choosing, create a course, start a new course or continue where you left off.
  • Features Include:
  • Create Video or Written Courses
  • Set the number of students
  • Create tests & quizzes
  • Award badges & Certificates
  • No boundaries on any particular niche
  • As a student of MNU, you’ll have the ability to have your personal products housed within our shop and be available for public purchase.  
  • Along with product housing is advertisement, so not only will your products be housed, but receive the added benefit of  advertisement on your products and courses you create.
  • Your products and courses will be advertised throughout MNU and on our homepage which automatically updates with new and top rated products and courses.
  • This gives students the ability to leverage the SEO power of MNU.
  • Selling your own product online is extremely difficult and getting targeted traffic to that product is more difficult.
  • Here at Marketing and Networking University, they understand the obstacles marketers encounter and this is why they provided a platform for marketers to leverage and gain the all important targeted traffic they need.

MNU Social Network

  • They have incorporated social networking software into MNU to allow their students to converse and build relationships with fellow marketers and entrepreneurs.
  • These is massive as it gives their students the ability to form new relations and share ideas with others which can lead to new business partners and greater success.
  • System features includes:
  • Create a profile
  • Chat bar
  • View site-wide activity
  • Message students directly and post status updates
  • Create Groups
  • Create topics in the forum centre
  • Marketing and Networking University have integrated their own social network to allow you to interact  and connect with fellow students of MNU.
  • Like other major social networks you have the ability to chat, message, create groups, check notifications, comment and create topics and threads inside the community forum.


makemoneyonlineThe MNU affiliate program is a very lucrative opportunity for those looking to earn income.  

Click here to see our detailed compensation plan.

The team here at MNU  came together  to create what they feel is the perfect compensation plan  that realistically allowed their members the opportunity to create a better lifestyle.

  • Earn 100% Commissions* Earn Residual Income * Highest Paying Forced Matrix *Upline & Organic Spillover


Are you ready to enroll at the Marketing & Networking University and start using our Products to build your own Business?


Become a member today CLICK HERE!



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    1. Yes it is very solid Siphosith 🙂 Thank you 😉 The course creation is a first in the industry….I know you have tons of knowledge on online success, I would love for you to come over and check out the course creation at MNU and see if it is something you would like to do as I know so many will benefit from your value 😉

    1. Yes I definately agree, this system is very much needed in the marketplace 🙂 Thanks Vivette…if you like MNU offers a 7 day free trial if you would like to see what is inside…..let me know 🙂

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