How much free content should you give away?

Do you know how much free content you should be giving away?









The purpose of all your marketing (including the free content) is to make your target customers more likely to buy what you sell.





Typically, the contentΒ shouldΒ improve your credibility, underline your products’ benefits, and/or get people deeper into your sales funnel.





How much and what kind of free content you share depends on what you sell and your marketing strategy









Here are a couple of simple examples from Peter Sandeen:








1. You sell consulting services.

  • Your free content could help people get a little closer to the results your services create.
  • Or the content could explain how your process works, so they can believe how great results you can create.
  • In both examples, the content validates the idea, “This person/company can deliver the results they promise.”




2. You sell an informational product.

  • Your free content could explain the basics of what your product teaches in detail.
  • Or the content could be case studies of people who have followed the advice of your product and gotten great results.
  • The first example would rely on people feeling good about what you teach and because of that wanting more.
  • The second example would simply provide social proof validating your claims.





“Your free content should give people great reasons to buy what you sell.”





Consider what would make people want your products/services more and build your free content around those ideas.





Sounds simple?





It is.






Just like most marketing when you peel off some layers…..when you get to the planning stage (let alone executing the plan), there’s a lot to consider.






Focus on the simple goal: your free content should give people more of a reason to want what you sell.






If you’re not sure what are the best reasons for people to buy what you sell (=your value proposition), which is what your free content should get across…………check out Peter’s Value Proposition Clinic:

>>>Click here to read about the Value Proposition Clinics.<<<








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  1. It’s about providing value so that you develop the KLT Factor (know, like and trust). When people feel they have a relationship with someone they know, like & trust, they’re more likely to turn them when they need their service/product/program.

  2. Great post Joan…yes free stuff to whet people’s appetites, build a relationship of trust with them so they will want to buy from you. Most people won’t spend money with you unless they’ve at least got an idea of what you’re about and what the quality of your service/product is.

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