5 Must-Know Blogging Practices

5 Must-Know Blogging Practices You Need To Follow For A Successful Business Blog







Consider these statistics why blogging is so important for your online business……




Companies that blog convert 70% more leads.

57% of companies have acquired a customer through their blog. (Source: Hubspot)




Do you follow these 5 must-know blogging practices in your business?




1.  Strive for Relevance

  • Each post is an opportunity to reach an ideal consumer at their Zero Moment of Truth.
  • What challenges are they facing?
  • What questions are they asking?
  • By addressing these with each new blog post, you’ll ensure that your personas are finding you at the exact right moment.


2.  Stay Focused 

  • Highlight one concept and develop it in depth rather than confuse readers with bits and pieces from multiple unrelated ideas.
  • This will also allow you to produce a higher volume of relevant articles, as you’ll utilize each new post to thoroughly discuss one topic better than anyone else in your industry is.


3.  Create Intriguing Blog Titles 

  • To understand consumers collective attention spans, you only have to look to social media.
  • Tweets are 140 characters or less.
  • Vine videos are only 6 seconds.
  • People expect value quickly, so your business can’t afford to release a mediocre blog title.
  • Optimize titles for the human first.
  • How do they ask questions?
  • Consider keywords and search engines next by using tools like Google Trends to understand certain queries that are hot.
  • Lastly, make it sexy.
  • It’s the difference between 7 Apps That Will Make Your Marketing Easier, or 7 Apps Every Marketing Strategy Needs.


4.  Build Thought-Leadership 

  • Thought leadership isn’t about writing content that’s extremely high-level and conceptual.
  • It’s about helping people.
  • If your content is informative, instructional, and speaking directly to the needs of your audience, thought leadership is inevitable.


5.  Post Consistently 

  • Patchy content is the worst.
  • Consistently publishing content will increase your odds when it comes to generating traffic and leads, as it means more indexed pages in the search engines and more opportunities to be found.





The marketplace of social networks provides businesses with an expansive collection of tools.




Although they may all seem intriguing, it is critical to select a platform that is applicable to your business.




In order to avoid spreading yourself too thin, don’t take on every single network you can get your hands on.




Instead…..Select a network that meets the needs of your business.




Consider where your buyer personas are hanging out in terms of social networks, this will be the best outlet for you to engage with people you are looking to reach.








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