Must-Know Rules to Being a Successful Online Network Marketer

So, you want to be a successful online network marketer?  





IF you are SERIOUS about having success online you need to keep in mind a few important things:

  • 99% of legitimate opportunities WORK
  • There are always some people who succeed.
  • There are always some people who make money.
  • There are always some people who become WEALTHY.
  • But WHY them, and not you?
  • Because they don’t quit… they don’t give up, they don’t blame.
  • They LEARN from their mistakes.
  • They FOCUS.
  • They are DEDICATED to making it happen no matter what gets in the way.
  • They do whatever it takes to make it work.



IF you are ready to learn what you need to know to have the online success that you desire, you need to pay attention to the following 18 rules to becoming a successful online network marketer from Gavin Mountford, Networking Superstars



Rule 1. Take Full Responsibility For Your Own Successfullresponsibility

  • ONLY you can make it happen for yourself.
  • The more responsibility you take, the FASTER you’ll have success

Rule 2. Do Not Blame Your Sponsor or Upline. They Cannot Do It For You

  • It doesn’t matter if they are there or not.
  • If they are there, don’t expect them to reach out to you first… they might have 100 people they are supporting.
  • Instead, YOU take responsibility and reach out to them for help.

Rule 3. Follow The System First BEFORE Trying To Change It

  • Systems work, it is people who fail.
  • If people are using a system that is getting results, then use it yourself first, go through the motions, learn it, implement it and only once you know it inside out, can you begin to modify it.

Rule 4. Focus on One Course Of Action Until Successful

  • Pick one traffic strategy, one content creation strategy, one closing strategy, one follow up strategy and master it.
  • If you try to do too many things at the same time, none of them will work.

Rule 5. Build Up Your Own Brand First And Promote YOU Not The Opportunity

  • It doesn’t matter what opportunity you join, you must always brand you first… and lead with value first.
  • This will help you attract prospects into your business much easier.

Rule 6. Relax.

  • Eventually all the pieces will fall into place… until then laugh at the confusion, live for the moment and just know everything happens for a reason.
  • It takes time to succeed… so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Rule 7. Take At Least 4 Weeks Of 2 Hours Per Day to LEARN and IMPLEMENT The Fast Start Trainings

  • If you want to learn a foreign language you wouldn’t expect to walk into class, then walk out 2 hours later and be an fluent
  • The same is true for online marketing… it takes time to master a new subject

Rule 8. Realise You WILL Have to Invest In Yourself

  • Make sure you get coaching, buy information products, attend trainings, go to live events and hang around with people more successful than you as often as you can…
  • This will help you achieve your goals faster



Rule 9. Take Consistent ACTION Every Day

  • Momentum comes from taking massive action.
  • Whenever you learn something new, make sure you IMPLEMENT it as soon as possible.
  • When you do this you gain experience which you can pass on to other people.

Rule 10. Create Your Success Habits

  • Repeat the same things over and over again for just a few minutes every day until your small habits become strong ones.
  • These become your CHOPS… kind of like a musician practices their scales every day


Rule 11. Understand That Confusion, Frustration and Overwhelm is Part of the Process

  • If you don’t go through these problems and challenges yourself first, how can you ever expect to be able to offer value to help someone else overcome the same problems you had?

Rule 12. Don’t Tell Your Story Of Woe

  • Nobody wants to hear how much you are overwhelmed and struggling… people only want to join somebody they think can help them succeed.
  • Don’t tell people how it is, tell them how you want it to be, as if it IS now.

Rule 13. Pour Knowledge Into Yourself Fast

  • The more knowledgeable you become, the more valuable you become… until eventually you have people climbing over each other wanting to work with you!

Rule 14. Attract Prospects, Do Not Chase

  • Don’t beg, chase or force people into joining you… instead let the people who are attracted to what you do and teach, come to you… when you do this and people are asking to speak to you and join your business…
  • YOU will have the POSTURE and everything changes.

Rule 15. Stay The Course!

  • You will ONLY succeed if you are committed, focused and dedicated to making it work.
  • You can make anything work if you would only give it enough time.
  • The reason you’ve failed up until now is you probably haven’t given it enough time… so stick with it, go through the process and become the BEST you can possibly be.

Rule 16. Don’t Beat A Dead Horse

  • If you can see the ship is sinking, and what you are doing 100% is not working for anyone or won’t work for you no matter what you do, then definitely consider joining someone who is having success and has a system in place to help you succeed…
  • It’s one thing giving up after 1-2 weeks, and another realising the opportunity is never going to work…

Rule 17. Love What You Do

  • If you don’t love your company and the products and services, you are going to have a hard time promoting it and getting people to join your team.


Rule 18. Be Passionate

  • Let people see your passion, enthusiasm and excitement about what you do.
  • The more EXCITED and PASSIONATE you are about your business, the more people will flock to you to be part of your team…



If you want to become wealthy and INSPIRE other people at the same time… make sure you implement the above 18 rules into your life and business…



You can succeed at whatever it is you are doing…You can change your financial future…You can change your life and many other people’s around you…



All you need to do is to Just stick with it, stay the course and take massive ACTION!



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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33 thoughts on “Must-Know Rules to Being a Successful Online Network Marketer

  1. I love these tips!!!! All of these are such great strategies to implement I’m so glad that I am taking some of these steps now! I’m going to do the 2hr day study session you mission for a while so that I can learn new things and get what I need done! I will be bookmarking this for future reference thanks so much for sharing!!!

    Jasmine 🙂

  2. Thanks Joan for these success tips! Taking consistent action daily is one of the most important to me. If you do everything but not consistently the whole thing can easily fall apart.
    These are great best practices to follow!

    • says:

      Yes one of my favorite too….taking daily consistent action is so important 🙂 Thanks Lisa for your awesome comment….always appreciate it when you come by 🙂

  3. Joan,

    What a powerful list of necessary components required to build your business online. So many of us begin with that quick results expectation only to be really disappointed when we don’t instant have the kind of success we thought was possible. Then we begin on this shiny object search which leads to complete overwhelm and lots of frustration. Finally, if we stay involved long enough and manage to keep going, we realize that to build a business takes more than excitement and enthusiasm. There is some really dedicated time, energy, training, learning, implementing – work – involved. And then, if we follow many of the steps you are suggesting here, eventually we will see the fruits of our labor. The end result can be amazing, but only after a serious and dedicated period of learning and implementing – taking small actions and continuing to move forward.


    Dr. Erica

    • says:

      Hi Dr Erica,
      Absolutely, only AFTER we have a serious and dedicated period of learning and implementing and taking those small actions will we move forward and find that success…..There is no such thing as get rich quick or overnight success lol

      Thank you for your awesome feedback and comments!! Appreciate it 🙂

  4. Hi Joan,

    What a wonderful post and so full of great advice.

    Believe me people, if you follow Joan’s advice here and put your heart and soul into it, you will succeed.

    Thanks Joan for the motivation.

  5. Excellent guidance here, Joan.

    I think the most important of these points is to get good coaching, and follow one single path to the goal you wan to reach. While this may seem self evident, many, many people I’ve worked with have done neither. They move from one strategy to another almost daily. They employ endless tactics, but never stick to any one in particular, or with any consistency. And throughout this entire struggle to make sense of what they’re doing, they never stop to hire a coach who can help them navigate through the maze, and to the success that always seems to elude them.

    These guidelines are absolutely golden, and thanks for offering them here, Joan.

  6. Another evergreen post, Joan, so full of useful tips. Because of my own early experience, I’d add that the training you do must be of the right sort. Take “Rule 5. Build Up Your Own Brand First And Promote YOU Not The Opportunity” and “Rule 14. Attract Prospects, Do Not Chase” into account when assessing any training. Make sure these are the basis for it and not old fashioned methods which no longer work.

    • says:

      Thank you Sue! Absolutely!! Always brand YOU first and do not EVER chase…as these are my favs as well 🙂

  7. Hi Joan,

    Wise words you have written here. Indeed, we must be able to love what we do. Do it on a consistent basis, and always be learning along the way. I find it fascinating that’s why I am my business lol.

    If we don’t feel like this, we are in the wrong spot. Plus we cannot blame anyone for our outcome. The blame game only gets one stuck.

    Great post!


    • says:

      Hi Donna,
      Thank you! We must love what we do and feel passion if not we are in the wrong spot 🙂 Appreciate your feedback as always!!

  8. Great post.
    Liked these subject words,
    Responsiblity, follow the system, focus on one course of action,
    I like rule 6 Relax, Invest in oneself, consistent action, success
    habits, understanding, no woe, become knowledgeable, commitment.
    love what you do, be passionate, inspire and implementation.

  9. Hi Joan

    Those are great tips. I’ve just been compiling a new series of auto-responder emails simplifying things for my team that I hope will simplify the recruiting process for them. What I have done is, every time something confused me at the start, I’ve documented it on my blog, so I’ve now built up quite a useful training resource. It save me no end of time and hopefully my team can use the same information too.


  10. Great rules, Joan. I believe if you just know rule #17 – Love what you do – all other rules will fall in place!
    Given you love your home business as a business, not a hobby! 🙂
    Just think rule #17 is the most important of all because without it, the others won’T work.

    • says:

      Thanks Andrea! Absolutely agree if you know rule #17 love what you do all of the others will fall into place!!

  11. Hi Joan,

    I loved reading your 18 tips for being a successful online marketer! I am a newbie to internet marketing, so a lot of your tips I will remember and implement!

    Thank you,


    • Hi Vance 🙂
      Thanks so much for your awesome comment! Congrats for becoming an online entrepreneur! Glad you enjoyed these tips 🙂 They will help you for sure as long as you implement them 😉

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