Must Skills To Master For Success In Network Marketing

Skills To Master For Success In Network Marketing






Master These Skills For Success In Network Marketing





For true success in network marketing, you MUST master these skills:










  • Story telling is truly at the CORE of our human experience . . .  the stories we tell create and shape our world.
  • As an entrepreneur, whether you are writing, speaking, or simply having a conversation with a friend or business partner, story telling is an ESSENTIAL  ingredient to powerful communication.
  • If you look at the most successful speakers and writers that exist in our world, for the most part, they are all amazing story tellers. 
  • It’s your stories that set you apart.
  • It’s your stories  that captivate your audience.
  • And it’s your stories that convey and illustrate your message more powerfully than anything else.
  • So as you can see, it’s incredibly important to develop the skill of story telling  if you want to create a successful online business.
  • That is the little secret  for making your prospects hang on to your every word, buy every thing you offer and join your MLM the moment you open the doors.

Just do it every day and it will all fall in to place.









  • Be YOU. 
  • Let your passion shine through  in what you do.
  • Show them that you have a VISION  and you are going somewhere.
  •  Get YOU  in front of them, in as many different places as you can.
  • When they are on Facebook, get posts popping up on there.
  • When they open their email YOU are there to greet them (not your autoresponder — real broadcasts, written by you)
  • A constant reminder that you are there and ready to help them.
  • If you are always there, just being You… creates something called implied trust. 
  • Just like the floor is always there when you step out of bed each morning, YOU are always there for them online.
  • When you send out an email with a recommendation, they’ll buy from YOU, not the others, because they know, like and trust you.


When you open up your doors to recruit, they’ll jump on board.



They can’t get enough of the “You Show”.



If you work on the RELATIONSHIP with your prospects, you can make more money from 1000 leads than someone with 5000 leads that doesn’t work on the relationship.




It’s THAT powerful! 




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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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0 Replies to “Must Skills To Master For Success In Network Marketing”

  1. Hi Joan,

    Build relationships. Each hour of each day. Reach into new audiences. Gain inspiration. Gain support. More friends = more prospering for all. Super tips here.

    Pros develop massive, responsive, supportive networks. Hour after hour, day after day. Promote others. Create helpful comments, and post to blogs. Persist with this strategy. Be patient. Explode your connections, expand your presence, prosper.


    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Home Business Training – 6 Tips to Instantly Increase Online SalesMy Profile

  2. Hi Joan,

    Always be there and always be yourself are powerful tips in building long lasting relationships. Storytelling is a powerful sales technique a lot of people struggle with, that’s why reading everyday is important. Over time you’ll start to memorize the good stories and start developing your own as well. Never discount the power of your own personal story.

    Thanks for the power tips Joan!

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