Do You Need To Improve Your Facebook Engagement?

Here is how you can dramatically improve your Facebook Engagement today.







Have you given up hope of ever reaching your target audience?



I know exactly how you feel!



To capture your audience’s attention, you have to get creative.






Below are 5 ways to dazzle & delight your fans by  , the CEO of Rebekah Radice LLC, a digital marketing agency assisting business owners in the creation and execution of an integrated online strategy……and keep them engaged & coming back for more!






1. Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

  • To gain audience attention & get them interacting with your page, you need to give people something to talk about.
  • While your goal is to provide an entertaining space, it’s also to make your audience think & want to respond.
  • Ask your audience questions about current events or important changes within your industry.
  • This creates a more intimate relationship between you & your audience.
  • It also offers valuable insight into what matters most to your fans.


2. Post Timely Content

  • Facebook acts as a virtual way for your fans to discuss their thoughts with others.
  • This translates into relevance — and a relevant Facebook page is more likely to show up organically in the news feed.
  • Adding your thoughts around a particular topic is a great way to establish expertise.
  • When you post timely content your fans find interesting, they’re more inclined to share
  • Sharing, just like commenting or Liking a post, can increase your reach & page engagement.


3. Make Your Content Ridiculously Valuable

  • The single most effective way to build loyalty & trust is to share a ridiculous amount of valuable information!
  • This is content that you freely share with a no-strings-attached policy.
  • Make use of your skills & experience by giving away a series of useful tips.
  • Whether it’s a video tutorial or a simple how-to, share what you know & share it often.
  • While it’s important to create a fun atmosphere, it’s also critical that you provide value.


4. Make Use of Visual Content

  • Don’t miss the opportunity to light up the news feed & increase engagement through eye-catching images.
  • Whether it’s a quote from your latest blog post or a hot tip, pair that text with a beautiful graphic.
  • Fans casually scrolling through their news feed will be drawn to your image & will be more likely to engage with your page.
  • Are you out at an event or enjoying one of your favorite spots in the community?
  • Capture that image & share it!
  • Give a behind-the-scenes look into your business or an insider perspective on what makes your business tick.
  • And don’t forget to brand it.
  • Use a similar look & feel across all your graphics to create brand awareness & easy recognition.


5. Create a Strategy, System & Schedule

  • You can’t build engagement without one key ingredient: consistency!
  • Create a Facebook strategy that includes a posting calendar.
  • This lets you plan ahead, rather than hopping on at the last minute desperately looking for content to share.
  • And don’t forget to schedule your posts to publish regularly throughout the week.






With more than 1.3 billion users, Facebook is still a major destination for consumers & your potential clients.





Remember to consistently look for ways to inspire & encourage interaction.







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  1. The tips are great and follow the keep it simple strategy. Most people and I am guilty will try to over think, keeping it simple is the way to go. Great Job

  2. I am really trying to engage my FB followers more, it’s working a little bit, but FB’s algorythm is a weird one… Oh well, I also joined a few FB groups to help with the FB Group promotion process and it definitely helps – plus I meet new friends!

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