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It’s a good idea to experiment with this simple “tactic” called….. A/B testing, and if you haven’t tried it, it’s highly suggested  you start so that you can get the results that you anticipate…….




“A/B testing has helped many businesses make sense of the potential impact their product or service can have once it is presented in the most effective way. By uncovering the way your customer’s behavior and preferences, your business can begin to tailor your marketing efforts accordingly to ensure you receive the best possible results”……..says  Carly Stec, Impact Branding and Design





These 5 Things Are What You Should Be Testing….




1.  Timing

  • If you struggle with things like achieving the email open-rates you feel your content is worthy of, A/B testing is a great way gather the data you need to get your numbers up where they should be.
  • By sending your messages to segmented lists at different times, either during the day, or during the week, you can come about the timeframe that delivers the best results in terms of open-rates and click-throughs.
  • A/B testing as a way to discover the time that works best for you.



2.  Email Subject Lines

  • A subject line has the potential to make or break the success of your email marketing, so experimenting with different phrases will help you find the one that makes the most sense.
  • Instead of letting your emails fall by the wayside, conducting an A/B test will give you the chance to understand the specific verbiage that resonates with your audience.


3.  Forms

  • When selecting which form to use on a particular page, keep in mind that we’ve all been spammed one time too many to just toss out our 411 without a care.
  • Use language that assures your website visitors that you won’t be using their information to throw useless information at them.



4.  CTAs( Call To Action)

  • The CTAs you implement on your website are reflective of the action you want your audience to take.
  • To avoid CTAs that fall short, your business should be actively testing different colors, sizes, styles, and placements to see what works best to facilitate action.



5.  Navigation Bars

  • Think of your website’s navigation bar as the vehicle for all of your website traffic.
  • Once visitors arrive on your site, they often turn to the navigation bar to make there way around the majority of your content, so why not make it as smooth of a ride as possible?
  • Use A/B testing to monitor the effectiveness of the order in which your navigation tabs appear.
  • If you’re not already using drop-down menus, consider adding them to see if it alters the way visitors behave on your pages.
  • In addition, try implementing a fixed navigation bar over one that disappears when your visitors start to scroll down.





Using this one simple “tactic” may be just what your website needs to take things to the next level.






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