What You Need To Know To Crafting Irresistible Opening Lines That Will Captivate Your Audience 30

Crafting Irresistible Opening Lines That Will Captivate Your Audience…..What You Need To Know


3 Ways to Craft Irresistible Opening Lines That Will Captivate Your Audience


So, what makes an opening paragraph irresistible?


Your task as a blogger is to capture the attention of those restless eyes and engage readers so they stop scanning and start reading your content …with their full attention.


But How?


“The most seductive opening paragraphs empathize with a reader, and make him feel less alone”…….says Henneke 



Show your reader you understand him/her and you’ll help him/her by utilizing these 3 ways to crafting irresistible opening lines that will captivate them:


The “YOU” Opening

  • This type of opening paragraph addresses the reader directly, and it often (but not always) starts with a question.
  • This is the easiest type of opening paragraph to write
  • To write a you-focused opening, picture your ideal reader in a scene.
  • What’s bothering her?
  • What’s going wrong?
  • Describe this scene in your opening lines, and address the reader directly by using the word “you.”


The Story Approach

  • Instead of addressing the reader directly, describe a scene in the third person and conjure up a feeling your reader recognizes.
  • The danger of the story approach is that you can too focused on telling the story.
  • You start rambling, including too many details.
  • When editing your opening, try to cut the number of words.
  • For a 1,000-word post, for example, limit your story to 150 words at most, then transition quickly to your tips.


The “ME” Opening Paragraph

  • To make the “me” focus work, consider it as a variation on the story approach.
  • Instead of writing about a third person, share your own story of a problem.
  • Make sure your readers recognize your feelings.
  • As an engaging blogger write like you are having a conversation with your reader
  • And just like in face-to-face conversations, it’s okay to use the words “I” and “me.”


The art of writing irresistible opening lines

As a blogger, you are sharing valuable tips and educating your readers. But to write irresistible opening lines, you will need to become a psychologist.

To do this you will need to sneak into the minds of your readers and know exactly what they’re struggling with by understanding their feelings of frustration, worry, and despair.

Writing a good opening means persuading a reader that your post is for them—by understanding them, and sharing your best advice to help, guide, and comfort them.

Make sure you empathize with your readers. And promise to be generous with your advice.


This is how you write irresistible opening lines and captivate your reader.



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