There Is A New App In Town

Something New On The Horizon For All Facebook Fanpage Owners










There is a new app in town that enables its users to connect their Facebook fanpage with their WordPress blog.



The internet savvy entrepreneur knows how to utilize the potential of a Facebook fanpage for their business or branding.



Coupled with a blog, it makes a potent combination to make your presence felt online.



But exactly how powerful is this new app and what does it do?








People set up a fanpage on Facebook for various reasons.

  • It doesn’t serve any purpose if they don’t communicate with their fans – the people who join their fanpage.
  • They might make the occasional announcement or share updates but other than that, a majority of fanpages on Facebook are basically dormant.
  • That’s a sad wastage, especially when the number of Facebook users number by the millions.



A lot of people basically “Like” a fanpage and forget about it and these fanpages don’t help themselves either because they don’t connect with their fans.



As mentioned before, a great way to connect with fans is by sharing content, whether it’s an announcement of an upcoming event, new developments, jokes or useful information, just to let the fans know that you’re still there.



One way to share useful content and at the same time, inject your personality in it is to share your blog posts.







That’s where PagePressApp comes in.








It connects your WordPress blog with your Facebook fanpage so that you don’t have to manually do it each time.



There are a lot of apps out there that allow users to share content on their wall but apps that works for a Facebook fanpage are hard to come by.



For the purpose of this review, I got myself a copy.



It’s free anyway so what do I have to lose, right?



I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and it works great for my fanpage.



This is basically a set and forget type of app.

  • The set up part is relatively easy and involves just a few mouse clicks.

That’s the first thing I liked about it.

  • There are no complicated configurations in the setup process and things are very much self explanatory.
  • If however you do find yourself not being able to figure out the simple setup process, they have a video tutorial to guide you through it.

Then there is that SSL certification thing.

  • Ever since Facebook started its mandatory SSL requirements for third party apps, I’ve had to find a replacement for some of the existing apps I’ve been happily using all this while.
  • I’m happy to say that PagePressApp is SSL certified.




The other thing I like is that it syndicates my blog posts on two different locations on my fanpage.

  • The first is my wall which will also make it visible to my fans’ new feeds.
  • Then there is also a separate tab on my fanpage for my blog.
  • This is where users can see a list of my blog posts without all the other things on my wall which can get really busy sometimes. It’s basically an archive of all the blog posts that have been syndicated on my fanpage wall.




Now I can share useful content and connect with my fans with just a one time effort.



I don’t even have to log into my Facebook account to do it.



The app automates the entire process for me.



However, this app only works if your blog is running on a WordPress platform.



This is because WordPress is currently the most widely used blogging platform due to its ease of customization and the wide varieties of plugins that are created for it.







To get started using PagePressApp, all you have to do is click here.










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  1. Hey Joan,

    this is another great alternative to posting on your fan page with a lot of less effort. Your niche market are always looking for answers and this is a great way to build trust. Thanks for sharing!

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