Not Making Sales With Your Current Audience This Could Be Why

Not Making Sales With Your Current Audience? You Could Be Making These 3 Mistakes In Your Email Marketing



If you have a business, building and engaging the right audience is essential.

“Many online gurus will tell you to build a huge email list. But if that email list isn’t made up of the right people, then it isn’t worth anything”…..says  (an online business coach and copywriter at

When you speak to the wrong audience about your products/services, you waste your time, money, energy, and focus.

Speaking to the right audience benefits your business in a number of ways, such as:

  • Giving you clients you truly want to work with, rather than clients you have to develop custom solutions for.
  • Allowing you to create systems and scale, because you know the clientele you’re serving.
  • Bringing in more recurring revenue by serving the group of people only you can help.


So if you aren’t making sales with your current audience, then you’re probably making one of the following 3 mistakes in your email marketing:









1. Your lead magnet isn’t targeted to your ideal buyer.

  • A lead magnet (Honeypot) is, “an incentive you offer to potential buyers in exchange for their contact information.”
  • You need to be smart about who your lead magnet appeals to.
  • If your lead magnet is not specific, then your conversion rates will be low, and the small audience you do gather will not be the audience you want.
  • Some questions to ask about your lead magnet before releasing it to the world:
  • With this lead magnet, am I targeting people in my industry, or am I targeting people who need a product or service from my industry?
  • Is there a clear correlation between this lead magnet and the product/service I want to sell?
  • Does this lead magnet sell the value of my product/service, or will subscribers still need to be convinced about my product/service after they consume this lead magnet?


2. Your content isn’t compelling enough to keep your audience engaged.

  • Entrepreneurs and small businesses build a great lead magnet that attracts thousands of people . . . but then they mess it up with the content that follows by making the classic mistake of only selling their core offer to their audience, and never giving.
  • In other words, they never seal the deal with their content.
  • Instead, they try to squeeze money out of people whose trust they haven’t earned yet.
  • So, how do you know if your content is impressive enough for your audience?
  • By tracking the open rates and click rates of the emails you send out after they download your lead magnet.
  • If they’re low, fix your content.
  • You want to offer more value than you sell to gain their trust right from the beginning.
  • Here are a few tips for writing compelling content:
  • When you write emails, start with a story of some kind.
  • Think about your target audience’s situation, and develop a story that’ll make your audience think, “This is exactly what I’ve been through before!”
  • Address a common misconception that your target audience might have in one of the early emails or content.
  • If you have a piece of content that has done well in the past, like a webinar or a blog post, then send it to your audience.
  • Write an email with a short description of then content, and wow them with it.-If you are pitching your product/service, don’t just talk about its features. Highlight the transformation possible.
  • When writing content, keep a balance of talking about your audience’s main pain point and their main aspirations…. Really dig into their pain, and then show them what life could look like.
  • Social proof is everything-When speaking to your audience, brag about yourself a little. Show where your work has been featured, but be humble about it. Testimonials add power to your pitch.
  • Whenever you write content, make it visually appealing.-Include pictures and break down long paragraphs.
  • Finally, be yourself! – No one likes feeling as if they’re speaking to a faceless brand rather than a person.


3. You don’t do anything to level up your subscribers.

  • So when do you take subscribers to the next level?
  • When do you give them the opportunity to become customers?
  • By turning your subscribers into customers early on by selling them a tripwire, not your core offer.
  • Let me explain.
  • A tripwire is “an irresistible, super low-ticket offer (usually between $1 and $20) that exists for one reason and one reason only… to convert prospects into buyers.”
  • The goal of a tripwire isn’t to make a full-time income.
  • It is to turn new subscribers into buyers.
  • That’s because if someone has bought from you before, they’re more likely to buy from you again.
  • This is why it’s so important to level up your subscribers early on.
  • Don’t wait to level up your subscribers.
  • To build a quality audience, that audience needs to become buyers fast.
  • In the end, building an online audience isn’t just a numbers game.
  • Sure, a huge email list does help. But if that list doesn’t buy from you, it’s not worth it.



Are you ready to try the above 3 email marketing tips: Build a lead magnet that’s aligned with your offer, develop compelling content, and level up your subscribers in your next email marketing campaign?



Your audience will thank you for it.



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Joan Harrington



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64 thoughts on “Not Making Sales With Your Current Audience This Could Be Why

  1. Thanks for the tips Joan! I’ve never heard of the tripwire before. I’m wondering what would be some good examples of one and exactly how soon should you offer it to subscribers? Should it just be an available product on all your newsletters?

    • You are very welcome Carolann! Here is an awesome resource for you to check out that may help you with understanding a Tripwire in your marketing and how to use it>>> (talks about funnels and gives examples on how it all works)

  2. susanmarymalone says:

    I went through this, Joan. My first SEO company generated tons of traffic to my editorial website. Thing was, they weren’t my audience, and weren’t seeking what I actually do. Thankfully, my current SEO person saw the disconnect. And while we don’t have as much traffic, we have targeted traffic. It’s made all the difference.

  3. Hi Joan, Great post. You hit the nail on the head. You could have 1000 subscribers but if they don’t want what you have, it helps no one. It’s really sad that many still teach about growing your list but not teaching how to grow a list that is “your” audience. You have listed some awesome suggestions here and I thank you.

    Have a great day and looking forward to reading more on your blog.

    • Hi Monna 🙂
      Thanks so much my friend for your awesome comment and feedback!! Always appreciated! So true, need more training on how to grow your list that IS your audience…..I think most network marketers would agree as well 🙂

  4. Hi Joan,
    That was a very great article. I took notes, again.
    Speaking to the right audience is so key.
    Having compelling content to keep them engaged.
    I liked the story aspect when writing your first emails, good idea.
    Give them an opportuntiy to become customers by selling to your subscribers, turning them into customers early on sell them a tripwire, not your
    core offer. Great content in this article!

    Build a lead magnet that’s aligned with your offer, develop compelling content, and level up your subscribers in your next email marketing campaign!

  5. Interesting and agreed… build your email list… but if you have folks on there… they want to be on there… so maybe it’s also what you are selling they don’t want. Agreed, it is also a great idea to be sure you are getting the right folks for each product or service you are selling. good tips

  6. Sonya Kolodziejska says:

    I admit I am truly not very good at this email marketing thing, I’ve never had much success with it, yet my audience is targeted.
    Hoping I’ll do better with my new business.

  7. Great tips in this post as always, Joan! Yes, speaking to your audience and making sure you have the right audience for your message, are so important. I admit I am constantly working to figure this out, especially as my writing is not really targeted to one specific audience. With my health pieces I see they are more direct and hopefully speak to the people who are already conscious and concerned about their health! Thanks for the reminders that quality is always more important than quantity too. 🙂

  8. Great tips Joan. I agree with you that you have to level up your prospects as soon as possible. I’ve been guilty of not offering anything after the opt-in for too long, so I’m spending a lot of time now re-doing all those opt-ins to add the tripwire product.

  9. Hey Joan,

    Good nature of strategy play vital role to get momentum in online marketing of any niche business. Building email list is most valuable for the promotion of our Products. It really helpful to establishment of better relationship with our customers as well as audience. Lead magnets can be critical in a successful lead generation strategy, Eventually thanks for reveling light on wonderful topic.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  10. I got great tips from this post. It looks like I need to find the tripwire that will work best for me. I am reaching my ideal audience but not giving them a good enough reason to buy. This helped me move to the next step

  11. Hello Joan, I have been working on building my list, so this is a very timely piece for me. I love your suggestion of opening with a story , I am going to start implementing this in my emails ASAP!

    All great tips here my friend
    Thank You
    Chery :))

  12. Thanks always working on building my list. Right now I am going through my followups and writing with a more personal voice.
    Enjoying it. Testing headlines to help get opens. Great info Joan

    • You are welcome Lydia! Building and revamping my current list as well….something I need to work on too, adding a more personal voice 🙂 Thanks for your comment…always appreciated 🙂

  13. Hello Joan, Great tips and especially the one you say at the very top and then expand on: if we dont have a responsive list of people then there is something wrong with our targeting and message to those people.

    I need to revamp my list. I have the same people responsive and I need to build on that need and not worry about the ohter people on m y list

    great topic and great advise Joan


  14. Awesome content Joan, some people seem reluctant to “level up” people into buyers. This is very important early on, you need to create buyers, not tyre kickers on your list. Thanks for sharing.

  15. This is solid information, Joan. I had a tripwire at $47 and got 2 sales. I then lowered it to $17 and get a few sales a week now. I’m working on your ideas and getting smarter over time:0-) I mistakenly didn’t want to ask for the sale and thought I should provide value, value, value and that hasn’t always been the best move. Always providing value and NEVER asking for the sale – not smart.

  16. This makes a lot of sense. I remember when a social media guru said you cannot fish in a big ocean. It might sound conflicting but the fish will not likely be there. The fish are not there.

  17. I know I’m getting the right people (now) on to my list and now it’s time to start selling my tripwire. I have a whole lot of people on my list who do not engage at all. What do I do with them? Would it be advantageous to take them off my list? Maybe send an email asking if they’d like to be removed? D love to hear your thoughts on this

    • I would definately send them an email asking if they would like to be removed first Lisa….if you do not get any response just remove them 🙂 Do not want tire-kickers lol 😉 I know how important it is to have the right people on our list that WANT to read our posts and hopefully want to buy from us.

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