This One Simple Trick Will Help You Seduce Your Readers To Buy

How To Seduce Your Readers To Buy With This One Simple Trick









Is knowledge and enthusiasm enough to sell your products or services?





When you talk about your business, you have a sparkle in your eye.





You love sharing your knowledge……your enthusiasm is contagious.





“Websites are full of features, specifications, and technical details….But quite often they forget to tell readers what’s in it for them“……says Henneke





Ask yourself this:  What’s your website like?

  •  Full of features?

  • Or are you telling your readers what these features mean for them?








In this post I will share with you that one simple trick that will help seduce your readers to buy from Henneke







That one simple trick is…..









The So what? trick works in any industry:

  • Our doors have strong hinges. So what? They won’t bend when the door is slammed shut a thousand times.

  • We monitor your servers. So what? Your servers won’t go down, so you and your staff can continue working.

  • I write high-converting web copy. So what? You can convert more web visitors into leads and business.




Read through your website and ask for each statement So what? 





Keep asking So what? to find real benefits.





How to describe features and benefits on your website

  • Features are facts about your products or service
  • Benefits are what your product does for your readers.
  • Your readers are in a hurry

  • You have to grab their attention quickly

  • Here’s how to do that:

  • Highlight a key benefit (or problem you avoid) in your headline or subhead

  • Use bullet points to list a series of features and benefits, because they’re easy to scan; mention the most important points first

  • Avoid technical language your reader doesn’t understand

  • Real benefits connect to your customer’s desires, such as saving time; reducing costs; making more money; becoming happier, healthier, more relaxed, or more productive.

  • You can only sell with real benefits if you know what your audience wishes, desires, and secretly dreams of.






How to seduce your web visitors

  • Your biggest asset as business owner is empathy.

  • Sneak into your client’s minds.

  • Learn what they secretly dream of.

  • Understand how you can fulfill their wishes and desires.

  • And how you can help them avoid trouble and hassle.





When you connect your know-how and enthusiasm to your client’s desires, the magic happens.





Your business will grow.







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